Vocal Survival 'V-1', Da Kyung, Sooyeon and High.D Win for the 2nd Round, Choi Yoojung in Tears
Vocal Survival 'V-1', Da Kyung, Sooyeon and High.D Win for the 2nd Round, Choi Yoojung in Tears (Photo: tvN screenshot)

'V-1' Girl group vocalists filled the stage and Jeong Da Kyung, Ji Sooyeon and High.D will go into the second round. 

tvN's Chuseok special 'V-1' was aired on September 13th in the afternoon. It featured the competition among twelve contestants. 

'V-1' is a vocal survival show to select the top vocalist among currently popular girl groups in South Korea. The first journey began in July via its official website. The program initiated online voting and the result selected twelve vocalists: GWSN's Seoryeong, gugudan's Nayoung, DIA's Jueun, DreamCatcher's Siyeon, Venus's Jeong Da Kyung, SONAMOO's High.D, APRIL's Jinsol, WJSN's Yeonjung, Weki Meki's Sooyeon and Choi Yoojung, and Cherry Bullet's Hayeoon and Bora.

The twelve chosen contestants have met one another in the first meeting. Gugudan's Nayoung was the first who arrived at the scene. Looking a bit embarrassed, she said, "Am I the first here?" Nayoung who also joined in Mnet's 'Produce 101 Season 1' said, "I think I will meet Yeon Jung and Yoojung here." 

The production team wrote, "WJSN's Yeonjung was chosen as the number one opponent that other contestants want to avoid the most." Yeonjung responded, "Thank you for welcoming me." As was expected, Yeonjung was the top in the preliminary ranking of videos. The second was won by DreamCathcher's Siyeon and the third by Choi Yoojung, the fourth by Weki Meki's Ji Sooyeon, the fifth by Cehrry Bullet's Hayeon. Yeonjung said, "I never took the win in the survival programs. I feel happy but tense at the same time." 

The first round of the main competition will be conducted with 12 contestants going into a one-on-one battle. According to the order of the preliminary video votes, the contestants chose the stage and the opponent. 1 out of two contestants can go into the next round. The winner will get the prize of 10,000,000 Won (Approximately $8,700). 

The MC Kang Ho Dong watched the competition and introduced VIP judges as well as 12 contestants. 

April's Jinsol will go against Venus's Jeong Da Kyung. Jinsol said, "I decided to join the competition as I wanted to showcase my voice to more people." Jeong Da Kyung, a singer among Top 4 of  'Miss Trot', wished to give her new impression. 

Jinsol sang BTS' 'A Poem for Small Things'. Jeong Da Kyung displayed a passionate performance by singing Park Wan Kyu's 'Love over a Thousand Years'. Jeong said, "I selected this song as I used to sing." "When I talked to Song Ga-in that I would go for the competition, she said, 'Take the top.' I was very encouraged by her cheers and became determined to win," added Jeong. 

After their performance, Car, the garden, Special VIP, said, "Lee Jin-sol is the youngest, so cute, sings well and has strong skills. So I immediately pressed the button." Hyun Woo said, "I could not stop smiling while I was watching their performances." In regards to Jeong, he said, "If I were the next contestant, I would have given up. She is the powerful winner candidate." 

JeA commented, "I have never watched 'Miss Trot' and did not know about Da Kyung's performing skills. But now I came to be curious about 'Miss Trot' seeing her impressive singing. I want to listen to others also." 

Venus' Jeong Da Kyung took the win by taking 62 votes out of 101 VIP judges. She will go for the second round. 

Weki Meki's Sooyeon and Choi Yoojung met to face off against each other at the second competition. 

Choi Yoojung said, "Sooyeon often talked about a rap battle with me in Weki Meki live broadcast or in the signing event. I thought that she would want to compete with me." Sooyeon spoke about the reason why she chose Yoojung, "I know Yoojung's singing style. I felt more comfortable with competing against Yoojung than others." 

The reporter asked Sooyeon, "Could it be unfavorable for both of you in the same group to compete?" The singer looked cool saying, "It is one individual anyway who will take the prize." 

Choi Yoojung chose Heize's "And July" and Sooyeon selected Kim Gun Mo's "First Impression". 

Choi Yoojung said, "A while ago, somebody told me something I felt hurt. The person said, 'This is unfit and that is also unfit for you.' I was viewed as a singer who has nothing to show and almost excluded. So, I tried to perform briefly instead of showing something too deeply. However, I want to display my voice as fully as I can." 

JeA said, "It was a close came. Choi Yoojung is a high quality vocalist. It can only be judged by one's own taste." Hyun Woo complimented, "This is a great team. They have everything: Dance, Song, Rap, and Performance." 

Sooyeon won 53 votes from 101 VIP judges and could go for the second round. Choi Yoojung showed tears and said, "Why am I crying this way?", "I must have felt too much pressure. Now, I was released and tears keep bursting." She also said, "Everyone else is the main vocal or singing mostly as vocals. I am not playing such a role and that made me feel pressured. My tears keeps coming out." 

Sooyeon and Yoojung hugged each other in the waiting room and Yoojung said in her smile, "Congratulations on your successful first round. Sooyeon, Fighting, I trust you." 

The third competition was between Cherry Bullet's Hayeon and Bora. Bora who made her debut seven months ago said, "My range is high, singers usually say 3 octaves are high treble, but I can use a whistle to raise 5 octaves." Bora, nicknamed Mariah Carey of Gwangju, was applauded for her five-octave treble.

High.D said, "After four years of apprentice, I debuted. But now I have been taking a break for one year and half due to my group's interval. To me, 'V-1' is an opportunity. I think I have caught a chance that I never had. With determination, I will do my best. I talked with the member Eujin that let's make a comeback with the money from the prize." 

Bora performed Ben's "Don't go today" and High.D sang Lim Chang Jung's "A Glass of Soju". After their songs, judges could not pick a winner saying, "What should we do? It is too hard to choose", "This is very difficult, I feel uncomfortable to be here." 

JeA said, "Both of you are great. I could not even find out where Bora's voice was coming from. This kind of song technique is extremely challenging as you go with a high tone and switch it to falsetto and again go back to high tone. Your emotion processing was also great. Listening to  High.D's song, I got immersed by emotion and even I cried. Although her voice was not in a high range, I felt she is a great vocalist." 

Car, the garden, who was a winner of "The Fan", said, "Two of you are awesome vocalists and I want to hear your voices through your solo albums. I thought we could go for a glass of soju after High.D finished. But I thought, 'Can I talk this much?' I am talking to you frankly, seeing your performance made me wonder if I can ever talk to you." 

High.D won to go for the second round by taking 55 votes from 101 VIP judges.