Shameless Season 10
Emmy Rossum played Fiona Gallagher on Showtime's "Shameless." (Photo: yotambientengosuperpoderes/Flickr)

Shameless Season 10 picks up six months after Fiona moved out of the house. Of course, it is expected that the dysfunctional Gallagher family will be in so much more chaos now that the matriarch is no longer in the picture.

Debbie, being next in line of the siblings, tries to fill in the hole left by Fiona. But things are seemingly to fall out of hand as she tries to claim that she is not Fiona. So, things must change inside the household.

The recently released trailer of the new season not only features this new dynamic in the Gallagher family. As it appears, Debbie will not be the only one who will find the new situation more chaotic and challenging.

The supposed matriarch of the family, Frank, is depicted to continue his old ways of being drunk. But when Debbie told everyone that they need “cash” for the rainy season as she takes hold of the “inheritance” Fiona left for Frank and the family, this “inspires” Frank to do the unusual – be the actual matriarch of the Gallagher family.

It is not clear as to how he will do it but based on the clip; he is looking more sharp and presentable with his new apparel and haircut. But of course, this might be seen in the later episodes of Shameless Season 10.

The trailer also showed Lip trying to manage his new role as a father to his newborn baby. He is trying to quit his smoking vices but later on claimed that he’ll do it soon. Also, he told V that he is not really up for the job since he’s really tired taking care of the baby to which V responded that this is parenthood. So, the new season will also follow Lip’s new challenges of being a good father to his baby.

Hollywood Life’s recent scoop on Shameless Season 10 centers on the fan-favorite Gallavich couple. When Mickey returned last season to be with his partner, Ian, the fans had rejoiced even when Mickey intended to reunite with his lover inside the prison. But based on the trailer, it looks like the relationship will be on the rocks since Ian wanted to break up with him.

The likes of Carl and Kelly are also seen. And the new season might center on their possible “pregnancy scare” as Kelly tries to jump continuously, claiming that this should be done when condoms break. Also, Kev is hinted that he has an identity crisis.

All of these hints and previews will be further cleared out. And certainly, there are more stories behind the teased the surface. Per Pop Culture, Shameless Season 10’s release date is pushed back on a much later date. But it is now confirmed to premiere on November 10, on Showtime.

As for its arrival on Netflix, no word has been given yet. Besides, the ninth season is still not yet available on the platform. Hence, it might take a year before the new season drops on Netflix.