Lucifer Season 5
"Lucifer" Season 5 is on the works now. (Photo: Lemondropsonice/Flickr)

In the next few months, more details about Lucifer Season 5 will certainly come rushing in. While there is no definite release date yet for the new season premiere, many are convinced that it will arrive in 2020.

Lucifer originally ran on FOX’s platform for three seasons. But it was canceled after due to undisclosed reasons. Gladly, Netflix picked up the show and commissioned a new season, thanks to the fans’ #SaveLucifer movement.

The fourth season of the show just arrived last May on the streaming giant’s platform. But unlike its previous installments, the newly-made Netflix material housed only a total of ten episodes. Even so, the cast and crew still felt “lucky” and joyful for the new chance given to them. Not to mention, Express UK reiterated that they all felt overwhelmed upon learning how much the fans love the show.

A month after the premiere, Netflix confirmed that Lucifer Season 5 is already sealed. However, it will already serve as the final installment of the DC Comic-based series. It will house a total of 16 episodes given that the platform extended the numbers since fans are asking for more.

The fans are continuing the #SaveLucifer movement. And even after the decision is deemed as final, the fandom is still hopeful.

According to TV Insider, even some of the popular celebrities today are calling out Netflix to reverse the cancellation. And instead of ending the series in its fifth installment, a sixth season must happen first.

One of the most apparent fans of the show is Kelly Clarkson. In a short clip that she posted on her social media account, she revealed that she binge-watched all seasons of Lucifer within four days. And after watching it, she felt really “sad” that the show is already ending. So, she called out Netflix and told them to extend the show once more.

This kind of support from various industries makes the fans even more hopeful that the production and streaming platform would change their decision. However, it has been revealed that having to extend the number of episodes is already a stretch. And despite the clamor of all the lovers of the series, this will have to do.

In terms of the final season’s plot, the fans will surely witness how Chloe and Lucifer would fight for their feelings for each other. And now that Lucifer has returned to hell, there are speculations among the fans that his friends and loved ones on Earth might go down to hell to bring him back.

So far, these are the only details that have been shared about the show. But since the filming for Lucifer Season 5 has already started, then the fans can expect for much newer updates soon.