Better Call Saul Season 5
Bob Odenkirk speaking at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con International, for "Better Call Saul", at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

After almost a year, fans are now getting real major details about Better Call Saul Season 5. In an interview with the series main star, Bob Odenkirk, who plays the titular role, Saul, he revealed his experiences and thoughts about the show in its entirety.

Deadline has reported the details of the interview. And based on the whole segment, the upcoming installment is revealed as the best season yet of the show. Odenkirk also emphasized that he is not “kidding” when he said that it would blow the fans’ minds.

While there is not enough light given about the upcoming plot, it is largely hinted that Better Call Saul Season 5 will pick up where it last left off. And this is when Jimmy McGill has come to embrace his new identity as Saul Goodman.

Many fans are convinced that, somewhere in the upcoming installment, the series will now meet the early events of Breaking Bad. Although this is just mere speculation, it is not entirely impossible.

There are also previous reports claiming that the new season will finally reveal what happened to Saul after the events of Breaking Bad. And it might just be the reason why the actor is deeming the new season as the best so far.

He also mentioned that it’s far different from what they’ve done in the previous installments. So, it could mean that it will already involve the darker side of the series flagship.

When this happens, it could also justify the notion that Better Call Saul Season 5 will be the finality of the spin-off series. Most of the fans have come to this conclusion when Michael Mando, who plays the role of Nacho, shared Bob Odenkirk’s tweet about the new season. And per his caption, it seems that he is hinting that it will either be the end of the show or the end for his character.

Whatever the case though, it makes the fans worried since it is not good news either way. But then again, it is worth noting that Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the popular character Gus in both shows, Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, revealed in a scoop that the spin-off is pitched to them as a six-season installment to the franchise. So, it will not end with Season 5.

However, he also pointed out that things are quite tricky with the shows’ creator, Vince Gilligan. Hence, no one is sure if the upcoming installment will be divided into two parts or just simply end with its finale.

The filming of Better Call Saul Season 5 is now done. And it is expected to arrive on AMC in 2020.