Power Season 6
American actors Lela Loren and Omari Hardwick interviewed by "Behind the Velvet Rope TV" about their television series "Power." (Photo: Behind The Velvet Rope TV [CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)])

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Power Season 6. Read at your own risk.

Power Season 6 has just arrived a few weeks ago. And now that the final installment is three episodes deep in its course, things are becoming clearer in terms of the show's endgame.

In the previous episode titled, Forgot About Dre, MEA World Wide claims that this is, by far, the most "action-packed" installment in the newest season. With Ghost's utilization of almost all of his resources just to take down his ex-best friend, Tommy, as well as LaKeisha's explosive moment, the series is now touching its "risky" side.

The fans are impressed with the current events of the show. But many are also speculating that this apparent strife, that has been largely emphasized in the previous episode, will be the cause of many deaths in Power Season 6.

After Ghost failed to contain the situation, he learned one thing - he cannot eliminate Tommy for good without his business suffering the process. Accordingly, some viewers think that Ghost will devise a new plan to fully accomplish his revenge. It might take though, hence, the title of the upcoming episode, Why Is Tommy Still Alive?.

On Dre's part, he is in a tough spot. The previous episode has shown how Dre came to his current dilemma. As it happened, Saxe told him that he is finally free now that Alicia is out of the picture.

However, an ominous warning was given afterward that he would end up in jail for his drug-related crimes. And unless he helps Saxe with Ghost, he will go down under.

Power Season 6 Episode 4's synopsis hints that Dre will form an "unlikely" alliance. But while Saxe is in the front line of his options, some fans are convinced that Dre might end up asking Ghost's assistance.

As for Proctor, it has also been revealed that he will come up with a new plan to get the sole custody of his daughter. It will be a huge challenge on his end, considering that his ex-wife could now hear all of his conversations through the bug placed on his daughter's bag.

Meanwhile, Tariq will be seen making a deal with the Italians on Power Season 6 Episode 4. And it might go way down south given the foundation that he had built for the deal.

Power Season 6 is about to offer more life-changing decisions and events on the character's parts. And the fans will continue to witness these things on September 15, on Starz.