Amazon Whole Foods
Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks in the spin room after the 2020 Democratic U.S. presidential debate in Houston (Photo: Reuters / Jonathan Bachman)

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren now has her crosshairs on Amazon once again. The politician publicly lambasted the US retail giant following its decision to stop providing it part-time employees with medical benefits. The affected employees are mostly those who are working at the company's Whole Foods grocery chain brand.

The US senator directed her criticism of the company toward its CEO and founder Jeff Bezos. In a post on Twitter, Warren used the issue to partly promote her campaign platform of providing Medicare to all US citizens. The post also pointed out how Amazon's decision effectively removed the medical benefits of hundreds of Whole Foods employees.  

Late last week, Amazon had confirmed to reporters that it had started cutting medical benefits to Whole Foods employees that worked part-time. This included those who were working for less than 20 hours per week. According to human resource data, more than 2 percent of the company's employees are currently working part-time.

Warren also pointed out that Bezos had previously committed to providing company employes with "important benefits," a statement that was apparently, in contrast, to his company's latest decision. Back in August, Bezos had signed a letter that signified his commitment to invest more in providing better compensation and benefits to his company's employees.

Bezos was one of more than 100 executives that agreed to go beyond just pleasing their shareholders. The executives signed a revised "purpose of the corporation" initiated by the non-profit association Business Roundtable. The document essentially made the executives promise to place greater importance in their employees, customers, and suppliers.

In a separate tweet, Warren accused Bezos of being a hypocrite given how his company had cut medical benefits just weeks after he had signed the document. Warren outlined her stance and commitment to bringing down the absolute control of tech giants, by either breaking them up or enforcing strict antitrust laws against them.

Part of Warren's agenda and her campaign for the 2020 presidency had always been the mitigation of power held by big tech companies. The politician pointed out that the competitive mergers and acquisitions practiced by these companies have drastically changed the playing field in their favor. For Warren, big tech conglomerate doesn't only inhibit competition but they also spell bad news for employees.

Apart from Warren, other presidential hopefuls have also expressed their sentiments in reigning in big tech and putting a stop to their monopoly. Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has long criticized how big tech had treated its workers.

Sanders previously expressed his particular disdain for how Amazon treats its own employees. Last year, Sanders submitted the "Stop Bezos Act," which proposed that the company be liable to pay for the costs of government programs for its low-income workers.