GoPro Hero 8 Black To Have A Floaty Redesign, Media Module, LED Light, & More
GoPro Hero 8 Black To Have A Floaty Redesign, Media Module, LED Light, & More (Photo: Marco Verch(CC BY 2.0))

This is that time of the year when action camera fans, especially GoPro Hero 8 Black fans, are expecting that a new action camera will be announced. This is also the time when a myriad of leaks about the next generation action camera from GoPro starts pouring in online. Today, we have interesting leaks about the GoPro Hero 8 Black which includes a new floaty design, an LED light, and an external display.

Recently, German tech site Winfuture published more details about GoPro Hero 8 particularly the GoPro Hero 8 Black. This came out after the first batch of leaked images surfaced online. The original leak claimed that the upcoming action camera will have an LED light and will sport an external display. Interestingly, the site added that with the new action camera, users would be able to connect a couple of accessories at the same time.

Media Module

This is dubbed as the Media Module, that when slipped into the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 Black, will include a couple of hot shoes to the body of the camera. These shoes are allegedly positioned on the top of GoPro Hero 8 Black and the other on the side. This media module apparently comes with a built-in microphone.

Additionally, these shoes will enable users to slip on an LED lamp and also to achieve a better microphone. Aside from this, the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 Black allegedly will have a mounting plate positioned at the bottommost part of the upcoming action camera. It comes with rounded fingers at the bottom that can be folded down when not in use and can be used to mount the shooter to gimbals.

With the addition of the mounting plate, users of upcoming GoPro Hero 8 Black will be able to easily flap open the memory card housing and the battery of the device, which, reportedly, this time is positioned at the right edge of the body of the action camera.

New Floaty Design

The German tech site also shared that the GoPro Hero 8 Black will have the same water level resistance as its predecessor, which is 10 meters deep. But, taking a closer look at the image shared by the site, it appears that the action camera will have a newly redesigned lifejacket. Originally, the floaty was used to the action camera so it does not sink and can be easily seen.

It is normally attached to the frame backdoor of the previous GoPro models. But, the new floaty that will be released along with GoPro Hero 8 Black can be slipped on like a jacket to offer better protection to the action camera. It appears that it retains its buoyant property to make sure that the device stays afloat. As to the price of the GoPro Hero 8 Black, the site claims that the expected price would be around $520.