Nissan logo is pictured during the media day for the Shanghai auto show
the next-generation Nissan compact crossover was already shown to US dealers and so far, the revealed features are impressive. (Photo: REUTERS/Aly Song)

It's safe to say that most drivers would want their chairs comfortable both for short and long drives. It is important to keep yourself planted firmly planted when driving, and this is the reason why manufacturers spend a ton of cash when it comes to designing them, especially for sports cars and other high-end vehicles.

Now it may surprise a lot of people, but support and comfort are also integral when looking for a gaming chair, especially for people who've decided to make games their profession, like the members of eSports team OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan.

Nissan saw some potential in this, leading to the announcement of a partnership with said eSports teams. The carmaker announced recently announced it will design gaming chair concepts based on its most popular vehicles for National Video Game Day.

Nissan came up with three sketches, each based on an existing Nissan car. The first gaming chair concept is based on the GT-R Nismo. It's made of aluminum and carbon fiber to ensure that the chair is both light and stiff. The design is intended so as to make a gamer feel he is gripped to the chair even through the most intense gameplay the likes of Counter-Strike: GO. The carbon bucket is covered in red leather and Alcantara-like microsuede.

Nissan's second gaming chair is based on the Armada SUV. The chair is able to regulate temperature as its both heated and cooled. To ensure that a gamer doesn't get cramps after sitting for hours on end, the gaming chair has adjustable lumbar support. The chair is draped in black and brown leather-like the Armada Platinum Reserve.

The third and final chair is inspired by the Nissan Leaf. Out of the three chairs, this one appears to be the easiest to materialize. It's covered in gray leather with electric blue highlights and includes onboard USB charging and a built-in leg rest.

However, Nissan said that it currently has no plans to actually produce any of these chairs, but the company still requests for feedback and has asked people to rate and vote for their favorite chair on Twitter.

"Which Nissan-inspired concept gaming chair would you choose for the ultimate game experience?" the company wrote.

Check out the sketches below.