Kaiann Drance presents the new iPhone 11 at an Apple event at their headquarters in Cupertino
A new Apple iOS jailbreak tool and exploit can jailbreak every A-series CPU up to A11 Bionic chip. (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

During the US technology firms WWDC developers conference, Apple announced the Apple iOS 13. With the imminent release of the new iOS build, there are crucial things that every Apple iPhone user should know. Here is a rundown of the important things included in the Apple iOS 13.

The upcoming Apple iOS 13 software comes with a plethora of blockbuster upgrades and features. These will enable Apple devices running on iOS to have one of the most popular additions, the Dark Mode. This new color scheme will change the onscreen appearance of any Apple device running on Apple iOS 13, including popular apps.

Earlier last week, the Cupertino-based tech titan confirmed that it will start pushing for the release of iOS 13 this Thursday, September 19. The good news was delivered during the By Innovation Only event where the latest iPhone series was launched. The upcoming Apple software build will be free and will roll out to all compatible devices.

The Apple iOS 13 will be available for download starting 6 PM BST or 10 AM PST or 1 PM EST. As to the list of compatible devices, almost all modern Apple iPhones can download the latest Apple software build. However, users of Apple iPhone 6 will not be able to receive the said update.

As soon as Apple has officially confirmed that the Apple iOS 13 is already released, users just need to go to Settings, then to General, and to Software Update. The phone or device will be out of action while the update is being downloaded. Users should also be aware that the download and installation of Apple iOS 13 will take time.

So, what's coming to Apple users when the iOS 13 rolls out? Aside from the Dar Mode, there is a long list of features coming to compatible Apple devices. This includes the enhanced photos app and a new typing experience through QuickPaths.

This latest feature rolls out easy one-hand typing to the keyboard just by simply swiping through the letters of the word continuously. Once the Apple iOS 13 is installed, everything will be a little faster considering that the Cupertino-based tech giant is boasting that it will let the apps load a lot faster and will provide more seamless Face Unlock security.

According to Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of Apple's Software Engineering, the Apple iOS 13 will introduce new capabilities to the apps that Apple users use every day. The new software will roll out updates t Maps and Photos along with privacy-protecting features like Sign In with Apple. The vice president added that the entire Apple team is excited and looking forward that customers will experience what's going to come to the iPhone this fall.