Tesla rolls out V10 update to its electric cars with a wide range of upgrades and enhancements. (Photo: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard/File Photo)

The latest V10 update to Tesla electric vehicles brings a myriad of upgrades and enhancements. One of the features is called the Joe Mode, which will soon be the favorite feature among parents driving around with their kids. The Joe Mode feature enables drivers to minimize the volume of prompts and alerts that usually chimes while the vehicle is in motion.

Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive officer previously revealed several details about the V10 update coming to Tesla electric vehicles. The revelation came when the CEO was asked by some of his followers who were speculating about the new features that will be introduced when the update rolls out. When one of the followers inquired about a mode that would help him keep his children asleep while he is driving, the CEO answered with initial information about the Joe Mode feature included in the V10 update.

Although to some, the inclusion of the Joe Mode feature in V10 update for Tesla electric vehicles may seem minor, it will be a welcome feature among parents who can't keep their kids asleep because of the notifications and prompts sounds coming from their electric cars. It would be a parent's joy to keep the babies or toddlers asleep without the loud sounds and chimes that sometimes wake the kids up from their slumber. Long sleep for babies means less stress for parents, especially those driving at nighttime.

So far, we do not know the story behind the feature's name, Joe Mode or why Joe was made an inspiration for a feature that would help children and even adult passengers get uninterrupted sleep through loud chimes and noises. But, it is interesting to note that Tesla, with Musk's leadership, is adapting to the needs that most owners want and need. With the Joe Mode, drivers will have the ability to halve the volume level of alert sounds that inform the drivers of upcoming maneuvers.

This includes the autopilot lane changes. Activating the new Joe Mode through the latest V10 update is very simple and easy. Owners simply have to enter in the Controls, then go to Safety & Security, then to Joe Mode. In addition to the Joe Mode, the latest V10 update features the latest entertainment options, including the Theater Mode.

The new V10 Tesla electric vehicle update also comes with improvements to traffic light recognition and stop sign, Smart Summon, and Autopilot. The update's Theater Mode will enable parked Tesla vehicle owners to stream video from both Netflix and YouTube. With tesla's massive dash and surround sound speakers, owners are in for a treat enjoying their favorite movies and videos from inside their car while passing the time.