Yoo Seung-jun
Yoo Seung-jun (Photo: SBS Screenshot)

Singer Yoo Seung-jun talked about his last 17 years in SBS 'One Night of TV Entertainment.'

On September 17th, the interview with Yoo Seung-jun will be released in SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment'. Yoo is a singer and an actor who caused a heated controversy with nearly everyone regardless of gender or age. 

His name was highlighted again on September 8th. A reporter in one of Youtube channels pointed Yoo's effort to return to South Korea and commented, "If he comes back, he will not need to pay tax on his income he earned from abroad." The singer currently residing in the United States argued that it is false information and he will take legal action on the reporter. Since then, any news article related to Yoo Seung-jun were followed with thousands of comments and a heated debate continued even in SNS. The public debate is still progressing even though seventeen years have passed. 

Yoo Seung-jun's renewed controversy in the year 2019 was not unexpected. The supreme court made its ruling that Yoo's being rejected from receiving a visa is illegal. This opened a way for Yoo to return to his country in the future. However, an intense debate on whether Yoo should be allowed to re-enter Korea is continuing ahead of another upcoming ruling on remand after reversal on the 20th. 

Recently, more than 250,000 people posted requests to stop the singer entering the country. The reporter from One Night of TV Entertainment flew to Los Angeles, U.S., to interview Yoo. The production team wrote, "We wanted to listen to his own story instead of the content delivered via Youtube or SNS. Especially, we were curious on how he feels ahead of the ruling on remand after reversal, his last opportunity to return. We wanted to ask why he made that decision seventeen years ago and what is truth among many rumors mixed with facts and why he so much wants to return to Korea." 

After several attempts to contact him, Yoo finally responded with his story of "17 Years Ago" that nobody has ever heard of. Below is how he answered when the reporter asked why he changed his mind. 

"I never said that I would join the army with my own lips. As far as I remember, one reporter that I had an acquaintance with approached me when I was going home after broadcast work. He called me, 'Seung-jun' and I greeted him. He said, 'You are in an age to go to military service.' I answered, 'Yes, if I have to, I should join.' The reporter said, 'You are well-built. Join the Marine.' I told him that any position is acceptable. That was it and next day Sports Newspaper headline wrote that 'Yoo Seung-jun to Join Military service'."  

The reporter questioned, "Haven't you gone through a physical examination and mentioned that you would join the service?" He also asked, "Are you trying to receive a visa to Korea to reduce your tax payment? You could come back with a tourist visa. Why do you insist that you should receive an F4?" These are the issues in an unending criticism. And the singer explained reasons that were never revealed in any other media. 

Yoo Seung-jun, a father of four children and an actor currently active abroad, will appear in One Night of TV Entertainment on September 17th at 8:55 PM to explain why he wants to come back to Korea and what his stance is in regards to a variety of rumors around him.