MC Mong
MC Mong in MTV. (Photo: Screenshot from youtube/1theK)

Singer MC Mong has been spotlighted as his upcoming official activities are being prepared. After the release of his latest album, he has been taking a break for an extended period of time. Now, he is resuming his work. 

On the 17th, Million Market announced an exclusive contract with MC Mong. The singer already confirmed the schedule of his concert which will be held in October. It is highly likely that his new label will release his new album. 

MC Mong will hold a solo concert at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on October 25. He will be performing in public for about three years after holding a solo concert in December 2016.

However, the public opinion does not sound welcoming in favor of his comeback after a long break. 

Earlier, MC Mong was caught in a controversy due to his allegations of military evasion in 2010. He suspended all broadcasting activities. Although the court ruled that he was innocent, he could not fully redeem the image he had built as a friendly entertainer who was active in a variety of performances. 

Nevertheless, it is ironic that the songs that MC Mong constantly released even without appearing in front of the public were greatly loved. The sixth album, Miss Me Or Diss Me, released in 2014, took the top in the music chart.

MC Mong, who recently appeared as a guest on the concert stage of his best friend, singer Kim Jong-guk, displayed his music power. But, the public opinion was still negative and it proved that criticism on his return would not fade away quickly. 

In spite of the unwelcoming atmosphere, MC Mong will stand on the stage, heralding concerts and album releases. 

Much attention is given to his future performances whether he would successfully clear his past controversy.