Meghan Markle
Sept 7, 2019; Flushing, NY, USA; Meghan Markle in attendance before the women's singles final match between Serena Williams of the United States and Bianca Andreescu of Canada on day thirteen of the 2019 U.S. Open tennis tournament at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports (Photo: REUTERS/Robert Deutsch)

Has Meghan Markle been hinting about the rumored rift between her husband Prince Harry and her brother-in-law Prince William? Royal observers believe that the Duchess of Sussex has confirmed the rumors with her "odd choice" of photos to share on the Sussex Royals' social media account.

In a post for Prince Harry's 35th birthday on Instagram, Duchess Meghan told her husband that he was the best and most amazing dad to their son. The message was accompanied by a collage of Prince Harry through the years, which seemed pretty basic. Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings, however, saw a different message from Duchess Meghan, per the Daily Express.

The third photograph curated for this special post was of Prince Harry and Prince Willam in their teens. Hemmings said that Harry appeared to be "disgruntled" by his older brother in this snap, who seemed to be teasing him.

"Harry looks very solemn. It looks like he's perhaps being teased by his older brother and not liking it much. He's staring straight ahead, obviously irritated by William," the psychologist said

Hemmings added that this was a peculiar choice for Duchess Meghan to include in the tribute when there are a million photos of the brothers together. The psychologist analyzed that this may be a reflection of their current relationship. Could the duchess be telling the world it's not all well with Princess Diana's children?

Meanwhile, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton also posted a birthday greeting for Prince Harry on their Instagram under the Kensington Royal handle. It was of the brothers' photo laughing together as much older men. 

While the photo was pleasant, the message that went with it sounded "cold" to some of the royal followers, according to Cosmopolitan. The Cambridge couple simply wrote that they wished Prince Harry a "Happy Birthday!" with a cake emoji.  As a result, the post received a lot of flak and criticisms, but some followers defended Prince William because he extended this gesture when Prince Harry never posted a greeting for him or his kids on social media. 

Allegedly, Prince Harry ignited the rumors that he's feuding with his brother when he commented on having just two kids to prevent excesses in their family's carbon footprint. Royal observers said that the careless remark felt like an insult to the heir to the throne and his wife since Prince William and Duchess Kate have three kids.