BTS Jimin
Jimin is known as the Prince of Busan. (Photo: Dispatch [CC BY 3.0 (])

BTS' Jimin is well-loved by fans because of his winning personality, amazing vocals, and dancing skills. But, he is even more admired by the folks in his hometown in Busan; so much so that he is called by locals as the Prince of Busan.

While ARMYs may wonder how Jimin received the title, it is simply because of the province's appreciation for his accomplishments and the honor he brings to his hometown. Jimin's obvious love for his home has rubbed off on many of his fans, prompting them to make the journey to Busan themselves, reported All Kpop.

The recent campaign Travel to Geumjeong-gu with BTS Jimin, recently, won the Best Booth Operation Award at the 22nd Busan International Travel Fair held in BEXCO. The event sought to introduce potential tourist spots for travelers.

The Busan Transportation Cooperation also extended Jimin 's campaign for the art museum in Busan Asiad Stadium because of its popularity among the users. The project entailed the establishment of a 200-meter art museum by Jimin's fans -- Jam Jam, Team Mochi, All For Jimin Korea -- to celebrate BTS' 6th debut anniversary and mark Jimin's journey to stardom from his debut up to the present.

This was, reportedly, the first time for Busan to allow a commercial establishment at the Asiad Main Stadium but it made an exception in recognition of its outstanding son's accomplishments.

In a poll conducted by the Korea Tourism Organization, Dadaepo Beach in Busan also ranked second among all the must-visit BTS locations in Korea. The popularity of the site was credited to Jimin after it received a boost from a vlog that the BTS member shot there back in January 2016.

Busan is quite proud of its son Jimin, in as much as the same way he shows pride about his home and his people. During the Busan leg of BTS' Muster tour, the group was overwhelmed by the warm welcome they received from Jimin's province mates. In response, Jimin lit up the stage with his performances of Home and Pied Piper.

This sparked a global trend for #BusanPrinceJimin, which drew 1.5 million tweets from fans from 41 countries.

Not only is BTS Jimin an ideal citizen of his province, but he is also simply an ideal son. Koreaboo, recently, reported that fans are going nuts over witnessing Jimin's interactions with his thoughtful dad who always worries about him on tour.

As his father volunteered to send him more dried seaweed while he was traveling, fans were able to catch the gist of his phone conversation through BTS' Bring The Soul episode. They witnessed how widely Jimin smiled as he spoke with his father and how sweetly asked his dad not to worry about him as he is well taken care of. He also reminded his dad to take care of his health. It seems kindness must run in the family.