You can enjoy your stay in Davao without breaking the bank!
You can enjoy your stay in Davao without breaking the bank! (Photo: Luca Mascaro/Flickr)

Davao City is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. This place will not only take you to the beautiful destinations in the city, but will also enrich you with its culture, history, and, of course, food.

But, if you're in a budget and want to find a comfortable place to stay without breaking the bank, we got you covered! Here is the list of five affordable hotels in Davao City that are budget-friendly and will surely make your mind, and wallet, relax.

The Manor Hotel Davao

For only Php850 to Php8,100, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at the Manor Hotel Davao. Every room carries its signature ambiance, complete with the features you need like television with satellite/cable TV, WiFi (charges apply), mini bar, and shower.

It also has recreational facilities like its gym and spa to give guests the total relaxation they want. It may come with an affordable price, but it will serve you like a five-star hotel does, Philippines Cities noted.

The Royal House Travel Inn and Suites Davao

This place offers comfort and value for money. The Royal House Travel Inn and Suites Davao is specially made for budget travelers.

Despite the affordable price -- a night of stay ranges from Php765 to Php2,100 -- all rooms are complete with everything you need. It has minimal decors, stylish fixtures, and all the amenities that you will look for in a place you want to stay.

Las Casitas De Angela

Las Casitas De Angela is one of the most affordable places to stay in Davao. For only Php695 a night, you have an ideal place to stay.

It is near the malls, market, restaurants, bars, and fast food chains that tourists can visit. It has spacious rooms, access to purified water, and WiFi, although the latter is only available at the reception and waiting area.

Davao Imperial Hotel

Davao Imperial Hotel's rate starts at Php550. If you want a comfortable place to sleep and conveniently roam the city the next day, this place is for you.

This inn is easy to find and accessible for commuters, per Senyor Lakwatsero. It is also near downtown, so you can walk and find a place to eat and wander the streets of Davao.

Hotel Uno

For only a minimum of Php250 a night, you can comfortably sleep at Hotel Uno. A guest even boasted of the spacious room it got for only Php529 a night when it visited Davao.

But, staying at a cheap hotel also comes with pros and cons. The guest complained its shared comfort room wasn't fully-equipped, although it was clean. No hot and cold options, but, at least, had a stable flow of water.