Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki (Photo: Arthdal's Chronicle poster)

Actor Song Joong Ki celebrates his 35th birthday. He is enjoying his birthday by receiving a lot of congratulations from fans, colleagues and staff at home and abroad.

To congratulate Song born on September 19, 1985, fans are sending out birthday messages through various online communities and social media. Messages from Korean fans as well as overseas fans are flooding.

In particular, the fans of DC Inside Gallery have made the characters that Song Joong Ki played with clay and sent them as gifts. The clays include various characters such as Gu Yong-ha of 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', young King Sejong of 'Deep Rooted Tree', Kang Ma-ru of 'Nice Guy/The Innocent Man', Cheolsu of 'A Werewolf Boy', Yu Si-jin of 'Descendants of the Sun, and Eunsum of 'Arthdal Chronicle'.

Song Joong Ki is currently shooting the movie "Victory".  The movie has been designed for 10 years by director Cho Seong Hee and is based on the space, the first spaceship film ever in Korea. This is the second movie the director Cho produced with Song's play. The first one was "A Werewolf Boy" in 2012.

Song is also meeting viewers on the air. Although filming was over early, Song has been shown in the Arthdal's Chronicle from July 7th. He plays the double role of Saya and Eunsum, leading the "Arthdal Chronicles".

The actor went through an unfortunate situation last June. It was one of the best romance of the century and the best top couple, but after two years of marriage, he broke up with Song Hye Kyo due to the difference in personality. Informing the fans about the divorce application, he said, "I will get out of the current wounds to return to my work and do my best as an actor."

He is keeping his promise more than anyone else. He is passionately devoted to his works, ranging from movie screen to drama. He does not seem lonely enjoying his happy birthday by receiving congratulations from many.