Rapper Sleepy (Real Name: Kim Seong Won) disputed ongoing legal issues with his agency, TS Entertainment, and directly countered, "I didn't see the bill and didn't embezzle." TS Entertainment unveiled its conversation with Sleepy.

Sleepy posted a long story on his Instagram on September 19th. Earlier, Sleepy filed a civil lawsuit against TS Entertainment on April 16 to confirm the absence of an exclusive contract, and also filed an application for dismissal of the exclusive contract with his agency, but the court rejected the decision on June 26. 

Sleepy has informed TS Entertainment that he will part ways with the company by sending a proof of content requesting the termination of the contract, and recently began his own activities by establishing Positive Vibes Only (PVO) entertainment.

TS Entertainment said, "Sleepy received some contributions from the broadcast to his personal account during the exclusive contract and also secretly earned advertising revenues and event contributions privately." "He also lied about the settlement payment he received saying that he has not, and he advised other artists to terminate the contract and also encouraged other staff to leave the company." It added, "we will take strong legal action because he caused huge losses to the company."

Subsequently, the 14th Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Western District Court opened the first pleading date of the civil lawsuit to confirm the invalidity of an exclusive contract on August 29, and both sides were requested mediation and they accepted it.

Sleepy told his Instagram on September 19th, "I asked TS several times to show the statement of payment but did not see it. The management office said that they showed everything, however, I don't know exactly how the money I earned was used." "I didn't embezzle it. I'd rather get the money I didn't get in my lawsuit upon my right," added the rapper. 

However, according to Starnews' exclusive report, TS Entertainment's position was completely different from that of Sleepy. To sum up TS Entertainment's claim, Sleepy received payments in the first quarter of 2018. Starnews exclusively acquired the contents of KakaoTalk, conversation with Sleepy and TS Entertainment.

The conversation was communicated between Sleepy and TS Entertainment's account manager. According to this, Sleepy confirmed himself that he had checked his settlement details and he knew the settlement amount.

Sleepy also asked TS Entertainment's account manager to show his account. It was in a period around April 2018 much engaged with the process of funeral for the deceased former CEO of TS Entertainment. As a result of checking the contents of the conversation, Sleepy did not hear the answer he wanted from the settlement manager and sent threatening message saying, "I will take legal action." 

TS Entertainment also added that they have evidence of Sleepy's embezzlement. "If Sleepy continues to make false claims, we plan to release all the material to the media. The company's image has been severely damaged."

Sleepy debuted in 2008 as a hip-hop duo Untouchable member, and continued his career as a solo rapper in 2015. He also became well known by appearing on Mnet 'Show Me the Money 6', MBC 'We Got Married', and 'Real Man'.