Yang Joon Hyuk Secures Evidence of the Woman Threatening Him Amid Sex Scandal
Yang Joon Hyuk Secures Evidence of the Woman Threatening Him Amid Sex Scandal (Photo: Yang Joon Hyuk SNS)

Yang Joon-hyuk hired a lawyer and will sue a woman who posted a scandalous comment about him tomorrow.

On September 19, Yang's lawyers Park Seong-bin and Jeon Won Jin of the Cheongbaek Joint Law Firm made a statement, "First of all, the photos and articles posted yesterday by a woman via SNS are not based on fact. We want to make it clear that they are absolutely false. "

The lawyers said, "Mr. Yang has set tremendous records in the history of professional baseball in Korea, and he is the pride of the baseball world." "We believe that he is a person of integrity in consideration of the fact that his private life never had any trouble in the midst of endless spotlights."

"Mr. Yang continued his efforts to meet a woman who could live with his life in spite of his late age, and he was dating the woman in question in this process to know each other. However, he found out the differences between them and the two had to part ways to return to their respective life."

In this process, Mr. Yang does not know what kind of complaint she had, but she chose the wrong way of expressing her regret.

The lawyers wrote, "Yang Joon Hyuk decided to break through this case once again for the sake of his honor." "We have secured the contextual evidence to support the fact that the woman's allegations are not true." "We also found a situation that the woman threatened Mr. Yang to make him feel afraid, and we will include it as evidence."

Yang also posted pictures of the documents through his SNS and said, "I will file a complaint with the Yongin Seobu Police Station tomorrow morning. This is a violence against a man, Yang Joon-hyuk, his  past, present and future. This will become a horrible record that follows me during my life and even after my death. I will respond to the damages done by this record with the same attitude as 'Strong man Yang Joon Hyuk."

On September 18th, the female A posted in her SNS account, "Yang Joon-hyuk. His image on the air. Fan service. Behind the naive image, the hidden nature of that person." "From the first encounter, you forced oral sex. You're no different from the player Lim XX. you say you don't know what is wrong with you. Keep watch. I will keep posting." It was posted with a picture of a sleeping man speculated as Yang. 

Yang immediately wrote through his SNS "I will try to solve this dissemination through the legal process." "The articles and photos intend to drive me and confine me in the frame of 'Me Too'. However, they are completely untrue." 

According to Yang's claim, Ms. A was no more than a natural encounter between a man and a woman, and unfortunately broke up, but in the process, she is making false claims with malicious feelings.

Yang Joon-hyuk wrote, "I can not stand malicious false articles." "Doing such a malicious act under the name of 'Me Too' may be misleading as to undermine the nature of true Me Too movement. I will do my best to correct this dissemination."

Yang Joon-hyuk will file a lawsuit against Ms. A tomorrow. How will this fight be resolved? Attention is focused.