An employee uses an augmented reality headset at Microsoft's new Oxford Circus store ahead of its opening in London
Earlier claims about Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 are indeed accurate as the company reveals the specs and features of its powerful Surface laptop iteration. (Photo: REUTERS/Simon Dawson)

Microsoft recently sent invitations to its media partners for its upcoming Microsoft Surface Event happening in October. The event will surely introduce new upgrades to the company's hardware, new software, new accessories, and more. One of the products anticipated to be launched at the upcoming event is the Microsoft Surface Pen, which was recently spotted passing the FCC certification.

According to several sites, a Microsoft stylus pen model number 1853 with FCC ID C3K1853 just got the certification from the FCC. The device, assumed by many to be the next generation Microsoft Surface Pen, was detailed to support low energy Bluetooth. The filing also suggests charging coil suggesting the potential that the Microsoft Surface Pen might have a built-in power source.

This internal power source may allow the Microsoft Surface Pen to be utilized even without triple-A batteries. This made many to assume that the upgraded hardware might come with a wireless charging feature. Several rumors claim that the next-generation Surface Pen from Microsoft will include a U-shaped clip, which conductivity varies depending on its length.

In other words, it can also serve as a scroll wheel. Additionally, through the use of finger motions, users can change the pages and can even zoom in and zoom out. In February, a patent filed by Microsoft titles Active Stylus Motion Vector suggests changes in the accuracy of previous Surface Pen models because of the use of vectors, particularly where the stylus is projected. Teardowns against competing styluses in the market with wireless charging features have shown coils used for exactly the same purpose.

A teardown was conducted by JerryRigEverything between Galaxy Note 10 Plus' S-Pen and Apple Pencil 2. It revealed that the charging coil of the S-Pen is at the tip of the pen revealing how the pen is charged through the phone. The Apple Pencil 2, on the other hand, charges by attaching to the side of the iPad Pro magnetically.

The Microsoft Surface Pen is already magnetically attached to Microsoft Surface Laptops although without charging. Tech enthusiasts are looking forward that the FFC filing by Microsoft for Microsoft Surface Pen will indeed materialize. Most likely, the upgraded Microsoft Surface Pen will be sold separately and might be retailed at around $99 to go with the new Microsoft Surface Pro line.

The Microsoft Surface Event will be on October 2 and will start at 10 AM ET.