SEAL Team Season 3
David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes on CBS' "SEAL Team." (Photo: Genevieve/Flickr)

Everything's all set to go for SEAL Team Season 3. With only a few weeks left before the actual premiere, the first episode synopsis is already dropped.

Based on the first looks, the new season will start with a huge "bang." The Bravo Team will be in a Serbia mission as they track down a dangerous organization. 

Along with the official synopsis, TV Insider also released a set of teaser photos for the first episode titled, Welcome to the Refuge: Part 1. The publication added that the set was taken directly in Serbia.

No further details have been shared yet, as to how it will all play out. But, as far as the title is concerned, it seems that the arc will be divided into two parts.

SEAL Team Season 3 will hit the small screens with much newer perspective and dynamic, as per reports. The goal of the new season is to "showcase" what the team can do in service in today's generation. Fans can expect, then, that new actions and twists will be delivered even on the very beginning of the season.

In a scoop made by Mea World WideSEAL Team Season 3 is revealed to focus on the Bravo Team's "identity." But as they build the character of the group, the individuality of the members will also be explored.

The new season is all about character build-ups. Fans will learn a lot more of the team members' past connections and current lives.

One of the notable changes that will happen, in terms of the characters' growth, is Mandy's new role in the team, as reported by Cartermatt. Instead of being specifically assigned to the Jason Hayes-led crew, she will work with them hand-in-hand on the field. It is revealed that she has been "retasked" as an analyst and interrogator.

While growth and maturity will be explored through the characters' personal lives and relationships, their work lives will lead them to immense dangers. As seen in the previously released teaser, the 15-second clip foreshadowed the intensity of the upcoming missions, and it puts everyone's lives at risk. 

It is also hinted that personal rights and authorities will be shaken. Adversaries will arrive as well as new relationships. But, as to how these will all happen, seeing the new episodes will only be the way to know.

SEAL Team Season 3 will still premiere on October 2, on CBS.