David Beckham (left) and wife and recording artist Victoria Beckham
Mar 2, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; David Beckham (left) and wife and recording artist Victoria Beckham pose during unveiling of Beckham statue at Legends Plaza at Dignity Health Sports Park. (Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

In 20 years of marriage, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have been plagued with tons of allegations and rumors. In fact, having new divorce speculation about them is no longer surprising nowadays. But, the football star's current claims stating that their marriage is "complicated"  stirred out a lot more reports and rumors that the couple is now headed for a split.

In the interview, he did say, however, that their marriage has become complicated. But, as per Stuff Co. New Zealand, these statements came with reservations. While it was not thoroughly explained, the couple's recent movements speak louder, and they seem happy amid all the controversies.

Not long after, many magazines and tabloids released, yet again, new angles on David and Victoria Beckham's rumored split. Based on the stories, the two are on the verge of breaking up because of their busy schedules at work.

These scoops focused on Victoria's eagerness to work at all times. Even after her husband asks her to breathe and slow things down, the supposed source shared that Spice Girls member would not heed his advice.

The source further contended that, while it's "back-to-work" for Victoria Beckham, it's "back-to-frustrations" for David Beckham and this kind of dynamic in their marriage "tears" their relationship apart.

Thankfully, Gossip Cop has set these stories straight, once and for all. And based on what they've learned, their busy schedules are not tearing them apart. 

Victoria has been quite occupied with her new make-up line. As for David Beckham, he is spending his time preparing the debut of his Miami soccer team. They will, indeed, spend time away from each other. But, this is not a new thing for the couple given the length of their marriage.

Just recently, Victoria and David celebrated their twentieth anniversaryVogue has, detailedly, reported how the couple greeted each other through their social media posts. They've shared a lot of "throwback" photos remembering all of the things they've gone through since then.

It is also worth noting that the couple just had their Puglia vacation a month ago. The fans have witnessed some of the moments as Victoria and David shared a lot of "stories" through their social media accounts.

The posts continue to drop on their accounts even after the vacation. Based on recent events, Victoria shared how "proud" and happy she was when David Beckham built an "adorable" gift for their daughter, Harper. And just like the stylish Posh, her husband does the same as he always shares to the world how proud he is in all of her success, both in work and family.

Needless to state, David and Victoria Beckham are not heading toward a split. Their avid fans are hoping that the reports would soon stop fabricating stories about the couple as they are happy and enjoying their married life.