Jennifer Aniston Reportedly Causes Third-Party Problems In Katy Perry-Orlando Bloom Relationship
Cast member Jennifer Aniston poses at a premiere for the movie Dumplin' in Los Angeles, California, U.S., December 6, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

Seven months have already passed since Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged. But, within this period, relationship problems have been reported to arise between the couple. Just recently, third party rumors involving Friends star Jennifer Aniston spread like wildfire.

Jennifer's reported part in the relationship first hit the news a few months ago. Based on the stories, the Part of Me singer called out the actress and told her to "stay away" from her fiance, Orlando Bloom. 

Many are quite surprised by her involvement with the Lord of The Rings actor. But, the tabloids kept on pointing out that Jennifer has a huge "crush" on him since then. The allegations continued to stir the whole picture by emphasizing her becoming single after breaking up with Justin Theroux. 

Ever since the break-up, she has been the face of many headlines linking to different actors in the industry. Reports were alleging that she is "on the prowl."

There were claims that she is getting back together with Brad Pitt after the actor's divorce from Angelina Jolie was finalized. There were also other reports stating that she is "pushing" Robert Pattinson to get married. And, now, Orlando Bloom is told to be on top of her list. 

Sources also stressed out that Jennifer Aniston knows all about Orlando's engagement to Katy Perry. So, it will not be a surprise when things get "messy" among them. 

While her aggressiveness seemingly appears to be the center of most magazines and tabloids, other headlines claim that Orlando and Jennifer share a secret "emotional affair." 

These headlines, on the other hand, explains that Orlando has been "in love" with Jen since her time on Friends, instead of the actress being the lonesome aggressive in the situation. There were even reports saying they had an affair way back before Katy Perry, which is why it makes the singer much more protective of her fiance.

Gossip Cop, immediately, debunked all of these stories and allegations. Although some fans have already shipped the possibility of Jen-Orlando relationship, it has been uncovered that these stories are all fabricated and lies.

The publication is known for its bold desire to uncover the truth, and this did not change even on the alleged love triangle. They went on to speak with Katy Perry's and Jennifer Aniston's reps. Unsurprisingly, both parties have called the stories "rubbish."

Once again, they've called out the tabloids and magazines for their fabricated stories. In the end, these allegations are found to be another set of fictional stories that only proves the lack of knowledge when it comes to the lives of the three celebrities.