"GTA 6" is one of the most interesting topics among fans and gamers. (Photo: -K4Po-/flickr)

"GTA 6" is undoubtedly one of the heavily rumored games despite the lack of official details from Rockstar Games. Fans and gamers have already speculated about almost every aspect of the game, including the release window, gameplay, plot, main character, and timeline, to name a few. Based on speculated features of the upcoming game, here are the reasons why "GTA 6" must be built on PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett only.


"GTA 6" is already the top game on the list of hyped games in the gaming history, and we can only hope that it meets that hype when it releases. One of the rumors surrounding the sixth iteration of the successful "Grand Theft Auto" series is that it will run in 4K and 60 FPS graphics. And, for this reason, it must be developed based on the next-generation consoles, which, as early as now, are both claiming to have the 4K and 60 fps graphics capability.

If "GTA 6" exclusively releases on Project Scarlett or PlayStation 5, then it guarantees that it will run at the visual smoothness and fidelity that it rightly deserves.


This year, a wide range of leaks potentially revealing some details about "GTA 6" surfaced online. One of the leaks claimed that the upcoming game will be a collection of the locations of its predecessors. If this is accurate, players will enjoy spots like Vice City, Liberty City, Los Santos, and probably even more new locations.

While this may sound interesting, this kind of setting has its own troubles. In other words, it will need a powerful gaming console to effectively run it. Expansive cities and long highways require a lot of memory to render them effectively. While this could be a problem with the current generation video gaming consoles, it might not be an issue to next-generation consoles.

It can be recalled that a game developer recently mentioned that the SSD prowess of PlayStation 5 would change the entire gaming experience. And, Project Scarlett is probably hiding under the wraps its memory capability ideal for the memory required to run "GTA 6."

Ideal For Business

Gaming developers, game publishers, and other companies in the gaming industry exists to make money. Next-generation consoles are a clear indication that they are being developed because they are going to rake in more money. Rumors have it that "GTA 6" will be exclusively released on Xbox Scarlett or PlayStation 5 to increase the sales of Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games.

More importantly, "GTA 6" might arrive after PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett was already released in the market. It would not be wise and practical if Rockstar Games will release the game in previous-generation gaming consoles considering that powerful consoles are available.