Singer Woo Hye Mi found dead at her home
Singer Woo Hye Mi found dead at her home commons CC-BY-3.0 (Photo: commons CC-BY-3.0)

South Korea's entertainment world was covered with an endless wave of mourning today as the news that Woo Hye Mi died at the age of 31. 

The news of her death was delivered on September 22. On the same afternoon, Woo's agency, Downtown E&M, said in an official press release that "Hye Mi passed away at home on September 21. We are very sorry to share this sad news."

The agency added, "Her funeral palor was prepared at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Gangdong, Seoul. The funeral will be quietly carried out according to the wishes of her family."

According to the Seoul Mapo Police Station, Woo was found by an acquaintance and a police officer in the Mangwon-dong home in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the night of September 21st. When the police found the singer, she was already dead. The exact cause is not yet known. The police believe that there is no sign of homicide.

Woo Hye Mi released her first mini album 's.s.t' in July and began her performance actively afterwards. She has not been in touch with acquaintances since two days ago and has not attended an official meeting on Tuesday about her new single album.

She got her name out through Mnet 'Voice Korea' Season 1 in 2012, and participated in Lee Ssang's 'Goodbye', Garry's 'Get Some Air', Deepflow's Bucket List, and Han Yohan's 'Workroom'. The unique tone of her voice was much loved. 

As she died at the young age of 31, everyone's regret is even deeper. Woo Hye-mi posted a video with music on her SNS five days ago. Her SNS is full of new albums, photos of her brother, nephew, and friends, making those who miss her memories more sad. Fans left messages on her social media, saying, "I wish you the best in the next life.", "May you rest there", "You will be remembered as a wonderful artist," "I was happy with your song." 

Singer Son Seung Yeon also joined the mourning wave. She signed with Woo Hye Mi in Mnet 'Voice Korea'. On September 22, Son posted on her Instagram the photo of Woo Hye-mi's lifelong memorandum and wrote a long memorial letter.

Son said, "You liked Amy Winehouse, and you sang 'Pil Seung' in the final stage at Voice Korea. You were so happy that you could to rap and I also joked that I would do rap well. After finishing Voice Korea, we released "Stand up for love" album with Top 4, and also recorded the first music video of our life.

Son continued, "After we made our debut, we got so busy and could not meet often. But I always thought of you as we sang together in Voice Korea." "I know that our job is not easy. I was so happy when we met to sing 'Candle' together." "Please forgive me as I could not meet you often because I was busy with my own life. You were a true artist, singer and composer."

Although Woo Hye Mi died at the age of 31, her songs will remain in the hearts of many fans. Today, the wave of mourning for her continues endlessly.

Woo's parlor was prepared at the funeral hall of Sacred Heart Hospital in Gangdong, Seoul. The starting of the funeral process will be on September 23 at 11 am.