Thailand is maybe the most budget-friendly country you can visit.
Thailand is maybe the most budget-friendly country you can visit. (Photo: By Per Meistrup, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Thailand is maybe the most budget-friendly country you can visit. Aside from the bargain price of goods and foods, you can also find the most affordable hotel to stay here. So if you plan to go on vacation for a week, here are the best inexpensive hotels you can find in Bangkok that will never break the bank.

Folk Poshtel

Although Folk Poshtel is considered to be a hostel, just like what its name suggests, it is a posh one. Compared to the usual hostels that are cramped, uncomfortable, and unpleasant, this one is comfortable, spacious, and of course, very affordable.

According to Klook, this place is also chic, cozy, and laidback. It has a roomy social space that is perfect for guests who only want to hang around and talk to other travelers. It also offers a casual cooking class for those who feel lazy to go out but want some activities to do. Staying here can cost as low as $12-$51 a night.

Beige Poshtels

Beige Poshtels is another budget-friendly hostel but is trendy and stylish that has loft-style decorations and modern design. The moment you step in, it will make you feel like you're in downtown New York.

This place is also accessible as it is near Impact Arena and the Don Mueang International Airport. Just like a hotel, its rooms have their private bathroom with all the necessities you need. A night of stay here will cost you $16-$26.

Chic Hostel

Chic Hostel may be cheap in the price but not in the facilities, style, and construction. This budget hotel has huge mural arts that decorate the rooms' walls and premises made by A.Viroj Klommanop, a well-known local artist. These work-of-arts are not only visually pleasing, but it is paying tribute to the country, telling the history and culture of Thailand.

Just like Beige Poshtels, this one, too, is accessible to tourists, as it is near Hua Lamphong Railway Station and some attraction spots like Chinatown and Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. For only $18-$52 a night, this place also has its swimming pool, which is rare for a hostel.

Nandha Hotel

Nandha Hotel is a boutique hotel in the middle of Sukhumvit Road in Thailand. Its design is inspired by photography and cycling, as each room and the hotel per se have bicycle-part decorations and photos taken from different travel destinations, per Bangkok Travel Guide.

The hotel is only a 15-minute walk away from Emporium and Soi Cowboy. With a starting price of $38 a night, you can enjoy its complimentary of free newspapers in the lobby, 24-hour front desk, and a safe deposit box.

The Victory Executive Residences

You can find the Victory Executive Residences in one of the most peaceful places in Bangkok, in Rangnam Road Phayathai Rd, Ratchathewi. Despite the location, this place is still convenient for tourists.

The hotel is near to the Victory Monument metro rail station. Hence, it is also close to major commercial supermarkets and other entertainment centers. In terms of comfort, it has stylish rooms, running shower, a remote-controlled television, and air conditioner. A night here starts at $36.