Aside from stunning tourist attractions, the Jakarta is also filled with restaurants that serve the finest food.
Aside from stunning tourist attractions, the Jakarta is also filled with restaurants that serve the finest food. (Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D. [CC BY-SA 3.0 (])

There are a lot of beautiful places that you can visit in Jakarta, Indonesia. But, after a long day of walking and wandering, the best way to cap off your day is with good food.

Aside from stunning tourist attractions, the country's capital is also filled with restaurants that don't only serve the finest food but different cuisines that you have been craving for as well. So, for a different kind of experience, exceptional dining, and delectable meals, here are the five best restaurants that you can try in Jakarta.

Namaaz Dining

If you love Indonesian cuisine but bored of its usual taste, Namaaz Dining is for you. Here, they put a twist in your usual Indonesian food. Chef Andrian meticulously prepares the 17-set course with a different presentation.

According to Indonesia Holidays, here, you can find a dessert that looks like a soap bar complete with foam. The chef even occasionally goes around the table to prepare the dish that you want in front of you.

Amuz Gourmet Restaurant

If you want to experience a stylish Parisian fine dining while in Jakarta, you should visit Amuz Gourmet Restaurant. Dishes here are perfectly created by its Chef and founder Gilles Marx, who only uses fresh ingredients.

You can enjoy sumptuous, two-course lunch for only IDR 250,000 or the fancier four-course for IDR 350,000. It also serves grilled marinated king prawn with sweet beetroot and endive salad drenched with tangy orange zest vinaigrette and crispy roast duck leg confit with sautéed potatoes, petite salad, natural jus.

OKU Jakarta

If you're craving for Japanese food while in Indonesia, you can head to OKU Jakarta. However, this place doesn't serve ordinary Japanese omakase meals, as Chef Kazumasa Yazawa takes it to another level by giving it a modern touch but with traditional flair.

Compared to premium Japanese restaurants, this place will give you a different experience. From its different texture to the finest ingredients and perfect techniques, you will know the difference when you taste its meals.


Sriwjaya serves the finest Progressive Indonesian cuisine, per What's New Indonesia. It is a modern approach to Indonesian dishes that are served with an exquisite touch using French techniques.

This place is inspired by the 8th century of the Sriwijaya Kingdom in Indonesia, so it also tells something about the country's culture. With its majestic ambiance and impeccable service, you will surely return to this place.


If you're craving for American food, Bistecca is the best place for you. It is in line with the famed Italian-American steakhouse and classic Martini Bar by The Union Group and Chef Luca Pezzera.

The bistro is inspired by the great New York steakhouses and classic Florence ristorante. It serves huge cuts of charcoal-grilled prime meats and the best martini you can find in whole Jakarta. So if you want a place to chill and relax, there is no doubt this is where you should go.