Woman raising her both hands.
Woman raising her both hands. (Photo: Italo Melo/ Pexels)

Who wouldn't want to get more beautiful every single day until you retire? Unfortunately, to age gracefully is not an easy thing to do. Because of several factors such as humidity, health situation, exposure to dirt, cosmetics, diet, stress, work, nutrient deficiency, and environment, physical beauty deteriorates over time.

Though skin aging and changes are inevitable, seniors still have a reason not to fret. There are still natural ways to reverse these effects.


Consuming too much sugar in our diet pushes our skin to over-produce oil, which could cause pimple production and acne breakouts. Foods that are rich in salt, on the other hand, tend to remove the moisture out of the skin. That's why it is important to beware of the foods we often consume.  

To maintain one's youthful glow and healthier skin, seniors must make sure to include foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in their diet. Some of these foods include melons, salmon, avocados, berries, melons, walnuts, and green vegetables.


Due to some health situations such as memory loss and forgetfulness, seniors are often prone to dehydration as compared to other ages. Because of the lack of water in the body, the skin gets affected as well. Dehydration makes the skin dry, dull-looking, and even itchy at times too, according to Health Line.

This proves how crucial it is for seniors to make sure to always get hydrated not just for the skin's benefit but also for the body as a whole. Without enough water, the organs in the body will not function well. The body will also have a harder time flushing the toxins, which can pose a risk to health.


The sun is one of the factors that destroy the skin big time. Exposure to the sun's direct sunlight can dry every moisture out the fastest. So, to keep a soft, supple, and healthy skin through the years, it is better to always protect yourself from the sun. Wear protective clothing or use an effective sunscreen, especially if you know you'll be exposed to the sun's rays for a longer period.

Other ways for seniors to keep their youthful glow include ditching out smoking, using a humidifier, especially during winter, wearing protective eyeglasses, and choosing the best soaps that are mild enough not to damage the skin. Furthermore, using a good moisturizing cream, committing to daily exercises, and having a good sleep can also help, as revealed by Retire At Home.