'Shrek 5': Will Eddie Murphy's Donkey Finally Get Spin-Off Film?
While "Shrek 5" has been confirmed, there were only a few details about it. (Photo: "Motiongate Dubai" by Roller Coaster Philosophy - CC BY 2.0 )

There is little doubt that fans are already excited about Shrek 5 since it would mean that the entire gang from Far Far Away will be back for yet another adventure. However, it looks like there could be one beloved character who might not be returning in the highly anticipated sequel. Will Antonio Banderas choose not to come back as the charming little cat that stole everybody's heart? There are speculations that Puss in Boots will not appear in the Shrek reboot.

It's no secret that Puss in Boots is one of the most beloved characters in Shrek. Puss immediately captivated audiences when he was first introduced in Shrek 2 where the tabby cat used his charms to convince the ogre to take him in. He even got his own spin-off film in 2011, which is also set to get its own sequel soon. But, could Antonio Banderas possibly be too busy to return for Shrek 5?

Fans who are worried about Antonio Banderas not wanting to return as Puss have no reason to worry. The veteran actor has admitted that playing the swashbuckling cat is truly important for him since the role introduced someone with a Spanish accent as a good guy in a kids film.

"You send messages that go to the back of your brain-and in this case the back of kids' brains-for diversity and understanding, that there are no good people and bad people depending on their race or their religion or their social status," Banderas told GQ. "So that's why the character was, for me, a little more serious than others."

It's good to know that Antonio Banderas enjoyed playing the feline because people are already hoping for a new Puss in Boots movie. After all, this was previously confirmed as one of the major Dreamworks projects along with Shrek 5, and it already has a working titlePuss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves has not yet been given an official release date, but it could be released ahead of the Shrek reboot. 

So, what are the chances that Puss will not be in Shrek 5? If the film is a reboot of the first movie that was released in 2001, then it is very possible. After all, Puss in Boots was introduced in the second film. Nevertheless, there is also a possibility that the reboot will simply ignore how the characters were introduced and dive straight into new adventures.