Frozen 2
The new trailer of "Frozen 2" features Elsa and Anna's epic adventure in the Enchanted Forest. (Photo: Elaine Smith/Flickr [Public Domain (])

People have so many questions about what will happen in Frozen 2, like if Princess Anna and Kristoff have started raising a family or if Olaf will eventually make a new snowman friend. However, the most compelling conundrum about the highly anticipated sequel is undoubtedly the possible introduction of Queen Elsa's female love interest. Who is Elsa's girlfriend, and will she play a major role in the upcoming animated film? Disney has finally addressed the existence of the mystery character.

The idea of Elsa getting a girlfriend isn't a new one. Fans have been wondering if the Queen of Arendelle will find her queen after the premiere of the first movie. So, it wasn't a huge surprise when people began pointing out a mystery girl in the first trailer of Frozen 2 who could be Elsa's love interest. Amazingly, the new character also appears to have powers just like Elsa.

In the first trailer, there is a fleeting glimpse at a young girl standing in the forest and seemingly causing a boy to levitate from a pile of leaves. People immediately began to wonder if the girl would eventually grow up to become Elsa's girlfriend. However, Disney has finally decided to address the possibility of Elsa's female love interest. The confirmation comes from one of the film's director and the head of Disney Animations Studio.

Jennifer Lee, who co-directs Frozen 2 with Chris Buck, confirmed with Buzzfeed that Elsa is not getting a romantic partner, male or female. "In terms of Elsa, she's not going to have a romantic relationship in this, like she didn't in the first one," the Disney Animation Studios' Chief Creative Officer said. However, the reason behind it has nothing to do with Disney not being ready to introduce an LGBTQ character. "This is a woman carrying the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders and the heart of [the movie] is about her family, her sister, and her having to wrestle with her power as it grows," Lee said.

In the meantime, the identities of the mystery girl and boy from the first teaser may have been revealed in the new trailer. In the new video, it is suggested that the two might be Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, the parents of Elsa and Anna.

Are you ready to save Arendelle? Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22.