Rockstar Games
Several sources claimed that Rockstar Games canceled the development of “Bully 2.” (Photo: steamXO/flickr)

The original "Bully' video game was officially released by Rockstar Games in 2006. The game was a massive hit, but since then, we have not heard from the game developer about its sequel. Recently, several sources claimed that Rockstar Games scrapped the development of the game's upcoming sequel, "Bully 2."

According to a recent report, Rockstar Games apparently spent over a year working on "Bully 2" in the early part of 2010, but the project failed to move forward and see a release date. Some fans have been reporting several "Bully 2" Easter eggs in other titles released by Rockstar, including "Red Dead Redemption 2," but so far, there is nothing official about the sequel from the game developer.

In a report by Video Games Chronicle, it states that a source within Rockstar Games claims that "Bully 2" was in the development in 2010 but it was dropped shortly after it started. Dan Houser, Rockstar co-founder, and a group of devs reportedly wrote the script of the game in 2008. This contains the first few scenes of the game and an outline of the entire narrative. The report also claims that the sequel would have starred Jimmy, who is also the main protagonist in the original "Bully" game.

Additionally, the story of "Bully 2" started at the house of Jimmy's stepfather in the summer towards the end of the school year. The claim somewhat aligns to the earlier claim of "Bully" YouTuber Swegta. Several devs from Rockstar New England reportedly committed their time fleshing out the game and its story between 2010 and 2013, according to the report.

The team in charge of the development of "Bully 2" allegedly spent 30 months on the sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel fizzled out, and the team moved on to work to other projects under Rockstar Games. The source also revealed to the site that the sequel really existed, and it was already playable, and it was just unfortunate that it was never released.

The question now is if fans will ever get to see their hands-on "Bully 2." While Rockstar Games continues to be mum about the subject, several rumors and leaks surfaced online, giving weight to the possibility of the release of "Bully 2." A Reddit user, who shared leaks about "GTA 6" also mentioned that Rockstar Games India is in-charge of the development of the much-awaited sequel. However, it is hard to confirm the veracity of the leaks considering that most often, the identity of the leaker is anonymous, and so are their sources.

It is worth noting that this latest information about "Bully 2" is just a claim and not an official statement from Rockstar Games. We encourage you to take this information with a pinch of salt and with skepticism.