'World of Warcraft Classic' Guide To Reserve Your Character Name Today
'World of Warcraft Classic' Guide To Reserve Your Character Name Today (Photo: Marco Verch(CC BY 2.0))

The expansion Battle for Azeroth of "World of Warcraft" has been a wild ride. It trailed Legion, which was disputably one of the best periods for the Blizzard MMO, and with all the interesting new zones and amazing mechanics, the Battle for Azeroth narrative has, at some point, become frustrating to several players. The War Campaign has been the driving force through the story for both factions.

"World of Warcraft" players who would like to know what happens at the end of the War Campaign should continue reading. However, to those who would rather play through the entire campaign, stop reading and go back to "World of Warcraft" to enjoy some quests. Players can finally learn how the conflict will be resolved after completing the final War Campaign quests and revealing the end of story cinematic.

"World of Warcraft" Heroes like Thrall, Saurfang, and Anduin lead the siege army to the gates of Orgrimmar. Sylvanas' defenses are too fortified that the small force of rebels despite the help of the Alliance is not enough. Countless lives are lost on both sides, and Saurfang has an alternative plan that only puts your life at risk. Instead of going for an all-out war, Saurfang challenges Sylvans to Mak'gora, basically a one on one fight to the death.

Saurfang deep down knows that he could into overpower Sylvanas in combat, so he improvises by trash-talking the Horde and letting Sylvanas mask slip. Saurfang sees she has no genuine concern for the Horde and is only using them as pawns for her goals. Fortunately, his plan works, and after hurting her with lethal wounds, the Banshee Queen could not help it but show her authentic self in front of all her followers.

Realizing that she had been played, "World of Warcraft's" Sylvanas abandons the scene and the Horde and most likely become the next Raid Boss for the factions to overpower. But, this happens after she delivers the ultimate killing blow to the leader of the movement. Saurfang dies in the hands of the Banshee Queen while saving the Horde and is brought by his friends, including Anduin, into his resting place in Orgrimmar.

What follows is an emotional "World of Warcraft" funeral, and those who are in attendance agree to a new temporary truce between the Horde and the Alliance. The ending of the War Campaign of Battle for Azeroth expansion of "World of Warcraft" was really emotional, but there will still be "World of Warcraft" players who will be upset because of some unanswered questions.