"GTA 6" is one of the most interesting topics among fans and gamers. (Photo: -K4Po-/flickr)

There are many upcoming titles rumored to be exclusively releasing on Sony's next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5. It could be because of the hype it has created among expectant gamers who are looking forward to getting their hands on the ground-breaking features of Sony's gaming console. A claim made by an insider a year ago is now gaining traction given that some of the details included in the leak are apparently correct, but one of the details includes that "GTA 6" is exclusively releasing on PS5 for one month.

In December of last year, an anonymous European game developer leaked that "GTA 6" will be released during Sony's 2020 celebration of PlayStation 5. The same tipster shared that Sony and Rockstar Games have an agreement that "GTA 6" will be exclusively released on PlayStation 5 for just a month. The anonymous European leaker also gave away several details about the settings of the game.

According to the leaker, "GTA 6" is set in two locations, which are Liberty City and Vice City. Liberty City is the game's version of New York City, and Vice City is the game's version of Miami. These cities were also in "GTA 6's" predecessor and align to the recent "GTA 6" leak posted by another anonymous leaker on Reddit.

There were many things that the tipster predicted in the past, but at that time, there was no way that we could verify. Most of the leaker's claim turned out to be accurate today. The European developer also shared data that the Japanese gaming console maker confirmed this year, which adds credibility to the set of claims.

The tipster said in 2018 that the PlayStation 5 will have ray tracing support. Additionally, the leaker claimed that the next-generation console will feature backward compatibility and will focus on releasing gaming hardware with 4K, 8K, and PlayStation VR resolutions. More importantly, the anonymous European developer was the first to claim about the presence of a camera in PlayStation 5, which is something we discovered later in Sony's patent filing.

While most of the claims of the anonymous European developer turned out to be correct, we still suggest taking the information with a barrel of salt. These are not official statements from Sony or PlayStation, so take it with great skepticism. In regards to the claim that "GTA 6" is exclusively releasing on PlayStation 5 for just a month, we have no way to verify this claim.