Visitors stand in front of a display screen at Microsoft's new Oxford Circus store ahead of its opening in London
Visitors stand in front of a display screen at Microsoft's new Oxford Circus store ahead of its opening in London, Britain July 9, 2019. Picture taken July 9, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Simon Dawson)

The latest Windows 10 cumulative update went out, and not surprisingly, the release again caused serious complications to users. Following the deployment of KB4524147, numerous PC systems that absorbed the OS bump went haywire, and millions can be potentially affected if the problem is not resolved soon.

The new problems arising from the installation of KB4524147 should serve as a warning to millions of Windows 10 users to think doubly hard before getting the update, Forbes reported. For the unfortunate early adopters, what they got was a string of issues ranging from a broken Start Menu, misbehaving Search function, printing problems, and some complications with the VMWare Workstation.

However, the more worrisome issue that KB4524147 needlessly caused was on the boot-up side, which for many, resulted in systems that were "totally screwed up." Many users moaned of getting stuck at the repair screen during startup, and they were left helpless.

That's because none of the auto-fixes work, meaning the PCs have been rendered useless.

Forbes said the cumulative update was confusing, to begin with since Microsoft did not make clear if the patch was designed as a security fix or an OS bump without the usual security fixes. As of writing, Microsoft has yet to issue a clarification on the matter, and this being the case, the safe thing to do is keep a safe distance.

That reads correct, it's best not to get the update for now and be free from the complications that it will likely create.

In the meantime, as Windows 10 Version 1903 remains grappling with perfection, it appears that Microsoft is fast approaching the final phase of its work with the next feature upgrade of the OS. Version 1909 will be out soon and there are notable improvements to be excited about, according to Neowin.

Streamlining and easier navigation are the keywords to remember for the next Windows 10 installment, whose Notifications and the general desktop environment have been tweaked for a more satisfying user experience.

The new version is more user-friendly, too, specifically for those with special needs. That would mean the Accessibility features of the OS have been improved with assistive technologies that, for instance, will make it easier for the visibility-challenged to use a Windows 10 device with little or no supervision at all.

For the regular user, it should be welcome news that Version 1909 is easier on the battery, or the power efficiency of the OS has made marked improvements.

"Microsoft has made a change where work is distributed across a processor's "favored" cores more fairly," the report said, adding the benefits will be mostly felt on specific types of processors.

Microsoft has not indicated when exactly the rollout of Windows 10 Version 1909 will happen, but according to Neowin, the timing could coincide with the October 2019 Patch Tuesday or for some, with the next round of update deployment.

In any case, users need to take note that they will need to manually install the next batch of feature updates as Microsoft saw that this is the wiser and less problem-plagued course.