An attendee wears a patch outside a gate to Area 51
An attendee wears a patch outside a gate to Area 51 as an influx of tourists responding to a call to 'storm' Area 51, a secretive U.S. military base believed by UFO enthusiasts to hold government secrets about extra-terrestrials, is expected in Rachel, Nevada, U.S. September 20, 2019.
(Photo: REUTERS/Jim Urquhart)

NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite has allegedly captured a what-seemed-to-be massive alien spacecraft flying near the sun. Does this mean there is extraterrestrial life out there aside from humans? Does UFO really exist?

In the snap, a white object could be seen hovering above the sun. In a close-up look, the image would reveal the entity has a very distinct shape, while the pixilation suggested it has geometrical features. However, the UFO expert, Scotto Waring, revealed its shape is similar to that of a disk with humps on its upper and lower portions.

"At first I thought the anomaly was just some sort of magma or solar material ejected from the sun, but it doesn't look like it - the object's shape just looks too perfect for that," he said, via Express. It seems the unidentified object has the right angles and resembles a modern-day arrowhead. Waring even pointed out it has too many right aspects to be a naturally-occurring object.

Waring even cast the alleged alien vessel could be as big as the moon, given that it looks enormous even when near the sun. As the sun's radius is 695,510 km, the theorist believes the strange ship is about 10 times bigger than Earth. With such enormous construction, he deems only the technologically advanced aliens can build it.

However, Waring added there are a lot of alien vessels that get near the sun every day, and this colossal ship is just one of those. In his estimate, there are hundreds of unidentified objects or more that visit the sun on a daily basis. In his blog post, he said the biggest mystery surrounding these stopovers is why they are doing that.

One of the possible reasons, according to Waring, is because of the Dyson sphere. As conceptualized by the mathematician and physicist Freeman Dyson, the Dyson sphere is a theoretical megastructure in space that can accommodate an entire civilization. It can be operational and habitable for a considerable number of years by collecting energy from a nearby star - in this case, the sun.

Waring revealed the alleged alien vessel NASA's SOHO satellite has photographed could probably be a Dyson sphere that was harvesting energy from the sun. However, he, who always claimed NASA was trying to conceal evidence about aliens, could have covered-up the evidence of alien life in space again as he could not find the photo from the agency's anymore.