'The Last Kingdom' Season 4 cast wraps filming and cast members share celebration photos. Photo by Ra Boe/Wikipedia Commons
'The Last Kingdom' Season 4 cast wraps filming and cast members share celebration photos.
(Photo: © Foto: Ra Boe / Wikipedia)

Fans are now one step closer to see their favorite characters in The Last Kingdom Season 4. Netflix just announced that the cast has wrapped up filming, which means all fans have to do now is to wait for the premiere date. 

In a post on The Last Kingdom's official Twitter account, Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred) and Mark Rowley (Finan) are seen hugging each other. The show congratulated the cast and crew for the job well done but did not offer the information that fans have been eagerly waiting for: the Season 4 premiere date. 

The cast has started filming in April. Then, in July, The Last Kingdom confirmed in an Instagram post their 2020 return by inviting their fans to "join Uhtred next year." Other than the year, Netflix has yet to give Season 4 a definitive date of release. 

Meanwhile, in celebration of their last day at work, some cast members have also shared behind-the-scenes images on set. Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith) posted several photos of her and some of her co-stars to celebrate their last day of filming. 

Butterworth is one of the prolific among cast members when it comes to sharing photos on social media. She previously posted a snap of her and a few of her castmates out to dinner. Seen in her photos are Millie Brady (Aethelflaed), Emily Cox (Brida), Magnus Bruun (Cnut), and Toby Regbo (Aethelred).

New cast member Stefanie Martini, who will play a new role this season as Aethelred's love interest Eadith, was also seen in Butterworth's photos. Aside from Martini, another new addition to the cast is Jamie Blackley, who will play the role of Aethelred's new right-hand man named Eardwulf.

The Last Kingdom follows the adventures of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon boy taken by the Danes and raised him as their own. The historical drama is based on Bernard Cornwell's novel series, The Saxon Stories. 

Each season of the TV adaptation follows the events on the two books in the series. This means Season 4 will be based on The Pagan Lord and The Empty Throne. 

The Pagan Lord, which was published in 2013, is set 10 years after King Alfred's (David Dawson) death. This explains why there are several new actors in the TV series, including Uhtred's children by Gisela. In the book, they are all grown up. In Season 4, Uhtred's daughter Stiorra will be played by actress Ruby Hartley. 

The Empty Throne, on the other hand, is set in 10th-century Mercia and Dyfed. The novel was published in 2014.

In The Last Kingdom Season 4, the kingdom is divided between the Vikings and the native Saxons. Viewers will see Uhtred challenging his uncle Aelfric (Joseph Millson) and reclaim his home, Bebbanburg. He will also help King Edward (Timothy Innes) in fulfilling King Alfred's dream of uniting the lands.