Superstar Beckham Waits for Blackpink, No Apology Controversy for Event Delay
Superstar Beckham Waits for Blackpink, No Apology Controversy for Event Delay (Photo: Screenshot NewsEN)

The Kpop girl group is under fire as they were late in the event and made sports star David Beckham wait for more than 20 minutes. BLACKPINK dismissed the controversy that they did not apologize. The side of the group explained they were late due to a traffic jam. Beckham waited for Blackpink with meeting his fans.

On October 9th, the event was held in Seoul's Yeongdeungpo-gu Times Square to celebrate the release of the new brand, "Ultra Boost Hangul", produced to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Adidas and Hangul Day (The day of Korean Alphabet). Beckham also joined the event and had time to honor the beauty of Hangul.

The event began at 11:30 AM, followed by Beckham's Photowall for 25 minutes and Beckham's Korean Naming Contest for 10 minutes. The meeting with Blackpink was scheduled from 11:55 am to 12: 5 am for ten minutes.

But the girl group arrived at the scene about 12:14, 20 minutes later than scheduled. It was reported that they were late due to a traffic jam.

The event was delayed due to singers' lateness, and Beckham was reported to have continued the fan service by taking pictures and signing with fans while waiting for Blackpink. When Blackpink didn't show up after the wait, Beckham eventually headed for the waiting room.

Later, the girl group crews at the site said that the waiting room was located off the stage and it took time for Beckham to get back on stage.

While Beckham and Blackpink went on stage together, the event was delayed by an hour and some of the exhausted reporters already left.

According to TV EDaily News, BLACKPINK was caught in a controversy because they did not express apologies not only to field officials but also to the media and fans who waited for a long time. In regards to this, an official from the field explained to TV EDaily, "It seems that they were not able to officially apologize because the site was overcrowded and they were busy at the scene."

The official also said, "Beckham didn't complain or regret about BLACKPINK's being late. Beckham seemed to have enjoyed time with fans more than anyone else at the site."