Han Seo Hee Became an Odd Attention Seeker, Reversing Her Stance on Gender Identity and Jung Da Eun

She dropped another bombshell!
She dropped another bombshell! (Photo: Han Seo Hee/Instagram)

Did Han Seo Hee want to get attention with a lie? Han, a singer trainee, is in a controversy by overturning her stance on "Ulzzang Era"'s Jung Da-eun and homosexuality.

Han reversed the previous stance by saying on Instagram Live on October 7, "It's been a while since we've been dating." There has been a rumor of affair between Han and Jung Da-eun. She said, "I am not a lesbian. You're misunderstanding it's not at all. Don't talk like that." However, she reversed what she previously said.

This is not the first time to see Han Seo-Hee's eccentric remarks. Han and Jung's affair was first raised on September 25. Jung Da-eun hinted their love by writing a hashtag while uploading a picture of a woman holding hands in a car. Han Seo-hee, however, denied saying, "I have a boyfriend who is dating with me for 5 months now."

However, the two recently displayed their love by uploading photos and videos to Instagram taken from trips to Da Nang, Vietnam. Han Seo-hee's Instagram story revealed that they were trying to kiss each other on board, and Jung also expressed affection by writing in English, "It feels like we are in honeymoon." Amid the public release, Han wrote, "We became close since Jung mis-tagged me on a photo. It is true we are on a trip together", "I know what all of you want to see. However, we are not in such relationships. Please stop it " At the same time, she wrote, "I don't know if Jung has a good feeling for me or not." She left a room for the viewers to wonder what is the truth. 

By the time she admitted the same-sex relationship with Jung Da-eun by writting, "It's been a long time," Han once again said, "I have admitted the relationship already and I can not make excuses or explanation about that. So, we will just be a showwindow couple. Good Bye, I will go to bed again." However, she wrote again, "I thought I never admitted the relationship but the news came up so I will follow what you guys want. Do you understand?" 

Han Seo-Hee's path of 'Appeal-Photo-Disapproval-Admitting-Denying' can't erase the suspicion that she's deceiving the public.She is broadcasting 'homosexuality' as a live show and continually changing her stance. She causes controversy by posting photos with Jung on her Instagram. Han wrote, "Don't touch my breast. We are not alone here but there are 7,000 viewers. You touching my breast was pictured!" In an urgent situation, Han was swift to notice that '7,000' viewers were watching them. It may be Han herself who called a criticism that she is a bizzare attention seeker.

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