'American Horror Story: 1984' complete cast guide. Photo by Dominick D/Flicker
'American Horror Story: 1984' complete cast guide. (Photo: Dominick D/Flickr )

Warning: This article contains spoilers for American Horror Story: 1984 Episode 5, titled "Red Dawn," that may spoil your enjoyment in discovering its plotlines. Read at your own risk.

In true American Horror Story fashion, AHS only dropped a little info about next week's episode. The show has been surrounded by a lot of theories, as viewers wait for the big twist that may finally be revealed in Episode 5.

"As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl," American Horror Story: 1984 Episode 5 official synopsis read. With only this little plotline, it remains to be seen what will happen in "Red Dawn."

Everything is a great mystery, and fans will only know what will occur when the new episode gets released. However, there is a popular theory that the fourth wall meta is about to be revealed.

A fan-made Twitter account claimed American Horror Story: 1984 Episode 5 or 6 would reveal what's happening at Camp Redwood. It is said to be a part of movie production. So, everything that the show featured is not real and all scripted.

This meta twist has been featured in Roanoke when its format surprisingly changed from a narrative story to a mockumentary-style series. Hence, American Horror Story Season may feature the same twist.

A Reddit user claimed that instead of revealing that the events at Camp Redwood are a movie, the characters themselves would realize they are only in the production of a horror story. They will start to notice that there are cameras following them that may also validate its "Big Brother is watching" theme.

However, if AHS will use the same twist in American Horror Story: 1984 Episode 5, Digital Spy noted showrunner Ryan Murphy might never repeat the same method he uses on the show before. The famed screenwriter has been known for many things but never repeating the same theme or twist.

So, there is another theory that young teens might be trapped in a scientific experiment like Cabin In the Woods. In the film by Drew Goddard, the government officials throw a group of young people in fake horror movie scenarios by secret to pleasing the ancient gods.

Although Season 9 may not fit the film's whole idea, it has a similar set-up that matches its title that is based on George Orwell's classic novel. This may also be the reason behind the secrets the cast members are trying to hide. American Horror Story: 1984 Episode 5, "Red Dawn," is set to be out on Wednesday, Oct. 16, on FX.