TWICE Fans Are Calling Jeongyeon 'Angel' Because of This Sweet Gesture

TWICE dominates the World Digital Song Sales Chart anew. (Photo: Hey Day [CC BY 4.0 (])

TWICE members are well known for having the best attitude despite being well-known celebrities. TWICE's Jeongyeon is now being tagged as an angel by their hair and makeup team for making this sweet gesture during an activity.

According to a report by All Kpop, TWICE's Jeongyeon had a surprise waiting for the hair and makeup team who was tirelessly working to make them stage ready for an event. She bought 100 cans of coffee and handed them out to the staff with a beautiful smile on her face as a form of gratitude for their hard work.

The staff, who received the sweet gift from Jeongyeon, posted individual "Thank You" messages on their social media accounts to share her good deed to the rest of the fandom.

TWICE fans were touched with the gesture, and the simple act of thoughtfulness soon became viral with supporters calling Jeongyeon an angel.

News about the kindness of TWICE members is nothing new for their fans. They have developed a reputation in the entertainment industry for being professionals and for being kind to the people they work with.

In the past, TWICE member Chaeyoung personally washed, cut, and made dried apples so she could give them as a gift to one of her nail designers. The surprise did not end there because she also included, in her gift, a copy of their album alongside a sweet message. The nail designer shared the news online and captioned her post with the lyrics of Strawberry. She even said she wouldn't share it and eat it all by herself.

TWICE also won the hearts of many for being very nice and approachable to their fans. Those who attended the KCON in Los Angeles, in 2017, were among those who shared their positive experiences with the girl group. TWICE's Dahyun also received kind words from one of her part-time cleaners, who attested to her friendliness and humility.

TWICE is, currently, promoting its eighth mini-album called Feel Special, which is gaining a lot of attention from fans all over the world because of its meaningful message. The song is was written and produced by JYP Entertainment CEO J.Y. Park to underscore the strengths of each of the members. This also sends a message to fans, who are working through their own issues by promoting positivity and love, NME reported. 

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