'Modern Family' Season 11 Episode 3 Showed How The Dunphys Took Advantage Of Haley's Twins

Modern Family Season 11
Cast of "Modern Family," Julie Bowen, Ariel Winter, and Ty Burrell with Jimmy Kimmel on “The 68th Emmy Awards," broadcasts live from The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Sunday, September 18.
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As Haley and Dylan continue to struggle with their twin babies, the rest of the Dunphys showed how having them is a great advantage in their respective businesses on Modern Family Season 11 Episode 3.

The episode titled, Perfect Pairs, started with Luke and his troubles in a liquor store. As he tried to purchase wine using Alex's fake ID, he was immediately busted. 

However, he saw a much younger boy than him entering the store with a baby and was able to secure alcoholic drinks. This gave him the idea to take advantage of Haley's twin babies. 

He entered the store as he showed off the twin. And the next thing he knew, he was able to purchase what he wanted inside the store.

This tip surprised everyone in the household. But, little did everyone know is that they all have plans to utilize the babies in sealing their respective deals. 

As reiterated by MEA World Wide, Alex tried to take advantage of the babies as well during her struggles with traffic. She found out that the only way to get through it is by passing through the car-pool lane. So, she followed her brother's footsteps and used her nephew and niece to get to her destination. 

The Dunphy siblings taking advantage of the babies was funny enough. Also, it was pretty logical given their ages. But, things became even much funnier when the twin babies' grandparents tried to use them as well in securing their careers. 

Julie Bowen's Claire Dunphy is having a hard time closing a deal with a developer. However, she learned that the developer goes to the same baby-mother yoga studio that Haley regularly attends.

She asked Haley to take the day off from her babies and let her take them to the yoga studio. As seen in Hollywood Life's photos, Claire "juggled" the twins during the class as she talked to the developer to close the deal. 

After the babies had a long and tiring day, Phil still took his turn to use his grandkids in a much more surprising way. According to fans, he took advantage of them the best way possible that any character of Modern Family would do in the show. As it happened, he used the babies as his assistants for his magic show.

Modern Family Season 11 is the final run of the Pritchett-Tucker-Dunphy family on ABC. The upcoming episode titled, Pool Party will air on October 16.

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