'Madam Secretary' Season 6 Episode 4 Centers On Wentworth Miller's Character; Is He The Final Big Bad?

Madam Secretary Season 6
Wentworth Miller joins the cast of CBS' "Madam Secretary" Season 6 as Senator Mark Hanson. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers and plot predictions for Madam Secretary Season 6. Read at your own risk.

The end has begun as the final season of Madam Secretary finally premiered on its home network. Having only ten episodes in its last installment, it can be quite challenging for the series to showcase everything. Even so, the premiere episode titled, Hail To The Chief has proved that the series can finish strong despite the limited number.

Elizabeth is now the incumbent United States President. And her winning the race is just only the beginning. Although the first episode has become a very satisfying installment, especially on Elizabeth's part, the course has also introduced the possible big bad of the final run

It has been long revealed already that Prison Break's Wentworth Miller will join the cast of Madam Secretary Season 6. According to TV Line, he will play a "ruthless" politician who will be a hater of Elizabeth McCord's presidency.

Miller's recurring role as Senator Mark Hanson is already introduced in the premiere of the sixth season. And from the very start, his uneasiness towards Elizabeth's success has been already apparent. This dynamic will further mature in the upcoming Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 4 titled, Valor

In a scoop made by Cartermatt, the synopsis of the said episode has been revealed. It seemingly appears that Senator Hanson will finally start his "ways" to raise questions in the current administration. The publication also asserted that he might be the show's final big bad given the credentials of Wentworth Miller's character.

The episode will show his "ruthlessness" when he then starts to question Daisy's past arrest. Quite obviously, this kind of move within the world of politics is very risky. It's either one just wants to secure the welfare of the government, or he just wanted to search "dirt" on everyone's personal lives. 

Whatever his plans, though, fans will need to catch all episodes of Madam Secretary Season 6 to learn more about it. And it's likely that things will start to unfold after the Valor episode. 

On another note, the synopsis also hints that Vice President Carlos Morejon will "resist" Henry's fight with legislation for the Marine veterans since they want a much better focus on their mental health. It's surprising knowing that the VP does not agree or does not take Henry's side in this fight. Even so, there is surely something bigger happening behind this conundrum. 

The newly elected president, Elizabeth McCord, may not be included in the teased synopsis. Nevertheless, reports claim that she will be seen in the episode as these things are highly likely attacks to her and her administration. 

Madam Secretary Season 6 continues to drop new episodes every Sunday, on CBS.

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