'Stumptown' Episode 4 Spoiler, Preview: Dex To Bring Down Veteran P.I. And Real-Estate Mogul

Cobie Smulders leads the cast of ABC's new series, "Stumptown," as Dex. (Photo: vagueonthehow/Flickr)

One of ABC's newest material offerings is now three episodes deep. With only a few days left before Stumptown Episode 4 drops on the network, it seems that all hints and clues are now out. 

As seen in the latest episode titled, Rip City Dicks, Cobie Smulders' character, Dex, ended up "disgusted" and disappointed with veteran private investigator Artie Banks. She started out asking for his guidance, but it all ended up him betraying her at all costs. 

He even told her that she reminds him of his "once estranged" daughter in the middle of investigating a case. Although this somehow moved Dex thinking that they could work well together, she learned later on that Artie is no professional.

As it happened, he was the one who sold the evidence needed to end the case against the real-estate mogul, Randall Tapper. Also, Dex learned that Artie had no plans, at all, to help Candace in solving the case. So, instead of listening to Artie's realist notions on how to be a "good" private investigator today, she left and headed to Candace's place.

As shared by Celeb Dirty Laundry's recap for Stumptown Episode 3, Dex told Candace everything about Artie and Randall. She also ensured her that they would get them back for what they've done.

Accordingly, it is not big of a question as to how the upcoming episode will proceed. With Dex's plans of taking Artie and Randall down, the only logical thing to happen next is to witness the executions of her plans.

Cartermatt, recently, released the official synopsis for Stumptown Episode 4 titled, Family Ties. Based on statements, Dex and Artie will "face-off" to take down the real-estate mogul, Randall Tapper. It is not shared, though, if this arc will finally be resolved once the episode concludes. Even so, fans are convinced that Dex will succeed in taking down Artie and Randall for good.

Aside from Dex's struggles against the people in positions, Detective Cosgrove is revealed to lead an investigation in this episode. It is made known that they will try to locate Wallace Kane's location after he escaped from prison.

There's a good chance that Dex will be the one to resolve this case as well. Her case with Artie might likely crossover with Cosgrove's investigation. When this happens, Dex's reputation with the authorities will surely be "smothered" further, given that the police department is not a fan of her work. 

Stumptown Episode 4 will air on October 16, on ABC.

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