Rapper Microdot's Parents Sentenced to Jail for Fraud Charges
Rapper Microdot's Parents Sentenced to Jail for Fraud Charges (Photo: NewsIS)

The parents of the rapper Microdot (26, Jae-ho Shin), who had been sentenced to jail for fraud charges, appealed within two days of the first judgment. The rapper's parents borrowed money from their acquaintances and flew to an overseas country.

According to the Court announcement on October 10th, Microdot's parents Shin (61) and Kim (60) rejected the first trial verdict and filed an appeal.

Microdot's father Shin, who was accused of fraud, was sentenced to three years in prison and his mother, Kim, to one year in prison. Shin was kept in custody, but Kim was not detained with a condition to redeem the damages until the sentence of higher court is confirmed.

The court pointed out that Microdot's parents were not willing to compensate the victims. Judge Ha Sung-woo said, "It seems that the couple had no intention of paying back after borrowing money." "The defendants borrowed money when their liabilities exceeded their assets, gave joint guarantees, and then ran away to New Zealand when their situation became difficult after running a business. The nature of the crime is not good," added the judge. 

He continued, "I decided on the sentence considering that the victims suffered for a long time, no effort was made during the past 20 years, the victims want a harsh punishment, and a partial written agreement was submitted."

However, the couple filed an appeal in two days after the decision. As a result, the judgment of the case was sent to the second trial.

Microdot's parents were accused of borrowing billions of won(Korean currency) causing financial damages and fleeing to New Zealand 20 years ago. They also led some acquaintances to stand joint surety. The prosecution estimated the amount of fraud of Microdot's parents to 320 million won, but it increased to 400 million won during the additional prosecution investigation.