Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip Marriage: Duke's Drinking And Late Night Parties 'Forgiven' By Her Majesty, Expert Says

Prince Philip
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh with guests at Hillsborough Castle during a visit to present 100 Gold Award Certificates to Duke of Edinburgh's Award participants. (Photo: Northern Ireland Office [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)])

Queen Elizabeth has been quite the forgiving wife to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, during their first years of marriage. He was said to have been drinking and partying late at night back then but the Queen sought to overlook his behavior despite rumors that he may have had an affair as well.

Prince Philip's drinking and late-night parties were highlighted in the Netflix series The Crown. Royal expert Ingrid Seward, who wrote the book "My Husband and I: The Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage," revealed that, while the show might have taken some creative license to show problems in the royal marriage, this was, in fact, an accurate depiction.

Seward told Radio Times that Prince Philip had a Thursday Club where he would have a drinking binge and come home late. Queen Elizabeth didn't forbid her husband nor made an issue out of it because she apparently understood that he was feeling emasculated by her position. 

Rumors swirled about Prince Philip's Thursday Club at that time. Allegedly, because Queen Elizabeth overlooked his partying ways, Prince Philip could carry on his affairs with other women.

Seward, however, said that there was never any concrete proof Prince Philip was unfaithful towards Queen Elizabeth. Her Majesty was very discreet about the problems in her marriage and it wasn't evident to the people around them that the Queen was hurt by all the rumors. 

Queen Elizabeth also, reportedly, didn't mind Prince Philip flirting with women. Seward said that she was aware of her husband's charming ways. She wanted the duke to enjoy it because if he was in a good mood; so was everybody. The Queen was also confident of her husband's love for her. 

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been married for over 70 years. Royal fans discussing their solid marriage on Quora said that the Queen will likely never divorce her husband, especially after all these years. 

Queen Elizabeth met Prince Philip while she was eight and he was 13. She became smitten with him when she was in her teens and they began corresponding through letters until one thing led to another. She married him at 21.

Although they don't share the same bed at the palace nor live in the same house on some occasions because of her schedule, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip always made time for each other even in their twilight years, according to reports. These days, the duke spends more time in their Sandringham Estate at the Wood Farm, which is the Queen's weekend home. On some days, Prince Philip would be at the Buckingham Palace, the official residence. 

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