Amal Clooney Is 'Turned Off' And 'Appalled' By George Clooney's Bushy Beard: Report

U.S. actor and director George Clooney speaks during the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki
U.S. actor and director George Clooney speaks during the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki
(Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa/Lehtikuva/via REUTERS )

George Clooney is aging like fine wine and looking good with his new bushy beard. However, there are rumors saying that his wife, Amal Clooney, is grossed out by his latest look and demanding the 58-year-old actor to shave it off.

A tabloid claimed Amal Clooney is majorly turned off by her husband's bushy beard that she even warned him to "lose the beard or lose his privileges" with her. A purported insider said the human rights lawyer thinks the new style of George Clooney's facial hair makes him age by decades. "And makes him look more like a lumberjack than the movie star she married," the source added.

The tipster went on to say George Clooney has no plans to shave and even joked that he wanted to grow it wild like David Letterman's, who has a beard similar to Santa Claus. This allegedly made Amal Clooney "appalled." She doesn't even want to kiss or hug him because of his thick scruffy.

However, opposite to what their mother's feelings, their twins, Alexander Clooney and Ella Clooney, love their father's beard. The insider continued to say the kids love George Clooney's long facial hair because they get to play with it by pulling it on and twisting it into corkscrews. The ER actor also loves to tickle his children's cheeks with it and hear them squeal.

Despite the claims, Gossip Cop debunks this story and described the article as "simply absurd." George Clooney purposely grows his beard for his new movie, Good Morning, Midnight. Here, he will be playing a lonely scientist who is living in a secluded area in the arctic, thus the long, scruffy beard.

A real source close to the situation even confirmed there is no truth about the claims regarding Amalia Clooney warning her husband. The international law expert is never disturbed by George Clooney's facial hair and the premise of the story is utterly ridiculous.

George Clooney's new style has been getting the attention of everyone. E! News described it as "equally rugged and refined," making the Ocean's Eleven actor looking "incredibly sharp."

George Clooney has tried out different grooming trends over the years, although the current one is the bushiest of them all. Surely, Amal Clooney gives her approval about it, slamming the rumors about asking her spouse to shave it off.

George Clooney is now back at work after his staycation with the Obamas. The Catch-22 star, along with Amal Clooney, invited former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at their Lake Como home to enjoy some time by the pool, lunch in the garden, and dinner prepared by Italian chefs together. When not busy, the couple is spending their time with their 2-year-old twins.

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