Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Are Expecting Their First Baby Together: Debunked

Britney Spears in a sparkling silver dress holding a music award.
Britney Spears in a sparkling silver dress holding a music award. (Photo: By Eva Rinaldi - Britney Spears [CC BY-SA 2.0 (])

As one of the music pop icons, Britney Spears is often the subject of malicious rumors. The 37-year-old star is often rumored to be pregnant with her third child and first with longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari. But, is there a grain of truth in it?

Earlier this year, a magazine claimed Britney Spears is pregnant and already "ballooning" following her stay in a mental health facility. This allegation is only based on a funny reason by an anonymous source, who said everyone believes the singer-songwriter is expecting another baby because she gets "ravenously hungry."

If this is not enough news to laugh about, in November 2018, there were claims Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were already planning to have a baby. Allegedly, the couple wanted to use a surrogate "close to her family home in Louisiana" so that the Toxic hitmaker could avoid experiencing postnatal depression once again. It was even said Spears was studying "gender-selection IVF treatments" to make sure they would have a baby girl.

But, before these rumors emerged, a tabloid asserted in August 2018 that Britney Spears already wanted to have a baby after finally "finding love and settling down" with Sam Asghari. A so-called insider argued the pair was already thinking of starting their own family after finishing her tour at the time. The source also maintained Spears wanted to have a daughter after having two boys.

Lastly, in April 2018, Britney Spears was reported to be heavy with a child for three months, but decided to keep it "under wraps." However, more than a year has passed, Spears has not introduce a new child. In fact, since then, she was almost in the tabloid's headline every month for being allegedly pregnant.

Gossip Cop has debunked these recurring rumors time and again. The publication has been slamming all the non-stop, nasty news about Britney Spears' alleged pregnancy.

An unnamed spokesperson even denied the reports claiming that Britney and her partner are already expecting their baby. A source close to the performer even said that everything about these stories is not true.

So, to prove Britney Spears is not eating for two, Radar Online unveiled her sexy photo, wearing a sky-blue bikini while enjoying a vacation in Maui. She even shared a selfie while inside a yoga studio on Instagram, doing a sultry pose while in front of a mirror. Evidently, Spears has no hint of any baby bump and not pregnant at all.

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