Prince William Knew Kate Middleton Was The One After She Wore This Particular Outfit

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Britain's Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge greet people after launching the King's Cup Regatta in London, Britain May 7, 2019. (Photo: Ben Stansall/Pool via Reuters)

Royals are expected to marry their fellow royals. So, many were surprised when Prince William started dating the commoner Kate Middleton in 2003.

Just like most couples, Prince William and Kate Middleton met in school. The pair became friends at the University of St. Andrews and only saw each other as pals at the time. However, one particular outfit made the Duke of Cambridge realize that this tall, beautiful brunette could be the one for him.

In the YouTube documentary titled “Prince William at Thirty,” the narrator revealed that Kate Middleton was one of the models in a charity fashion show called “Don’t Walk.” Prince William, along with his friends, attended the event without any expectation, not knowing that this day will change his life forever.

The narrator said that “William took his place in the audience and was about to see Kate in a whole new light.” When Kate Middleton walked out on the runway wearing her now-famous see-through dress, Prince William, reportedly, realized that his friend is one hot woman.

Prince William’s pal, Jules Knight, added that it was during that moment that things changed for Prince William. “She was on the catwalk and looked amazing. And suddenly this sort of butterfly emerged from the chrysalis,” he said. And, just like that, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s eldest son found his bride.

Although it seems that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance started because of the latter’s revealing dress, their close friendship is the main foundation of their successful marriage. Despite all the criticisms and cheating allegations, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are still together for almost a decade now.

However, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage was tested, earlier this year, when multiple reports claimed that the Duke of Cambridge had an affair with his wife’s best friend, Rose Hanbury. Although the royal couple and the Buckingham Palace have never addressed this issue, some people are convinced that the rumors were true.

One netizen even said that the silence and absence of Prince William’s alleged infidelity on the news was a sign that the royals are trying their best to conceal it. "[Prince William’s cheating scandal] has been actually silenced constantly from getting any UK media traction. It only resurfaces in online comments, in social media and forums on personal accounts and maybe in US, but never in UK,” they said, adding that “the royal PR is making huge efforts to cover it.”

Just like any other speculations about the royal family, this has yet to be verified.

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