Teresa Giudice Looking For Rich Guy To Marry Amidst Joe Giudice's Deportation Problem: Debunked

Teresa Giudice
With everything that Teresa Giudice is going through, looking for a rich guy may be the least of her priorities. (Photo: Jennifer Marie Puglia/Flickr | Cropped)

Joe Giudice has been granted to go back to Italy amidst his deportation case. As his wife, Teresa Giudice, is left behind, there are rumors the Real Housewives of New Jersey is looking for a rich man to marry in place of her husband.

A tabloid claimed Teresa Giudice is looking for a rich guy that she would marry amidst Joe Giudice's immigration problem. Allegedly, the 47-year-old star is ready to divorce Joe. So, an alleged source claimed she now needs a man who has his own money.

Allegedly, Teresa Giudice has no plans to support Joe Giudice now that he is in Italy. Instead, she wants a man who will shower her with "jewelry, cars, travel trips," and all the things she hasn't had and experienced in many years.

Gossip Cop has debunked this story as Teresa Giudice's lawyers insisted it is fake news. There is no evidence that she is going to divorce Joe Giudice and not even looking for a rich guy to marry. In fact, in the trailer of the upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10, it was revealed the couple is talking about their marriage on the phone while she is crying and denying having an affair.

Since their federal charges for fraud in 2014, Teresa and Joe Giudice have been dealing with the legal consequences of their guilty plea. For her part, Teresa served 11 months in prison, while Joe had to serve a 41-month sentence after she was released.

From here, a judge ruled that Joe should be deported to Italy. However, as he remained to be in the ICE detention center as his legal team tries to fight the ruling, the judge granted his request to return to his home country while he awaits the final decision in his ongoing deportation case, Bravo TV noted. Anyhow, his lawyers will continue the fight.

Meanwhile, Teresa Giudice asked her friend, SPACE54 owner Elvira Grau, for a favor when she recently attended celebrity jeweler Alex Todd's birthday at the event's place. Grau told Page Six Teresa knew she was going to Israel at the time with her Kabbalah family. So, she wrote a note for her to take to Jerusalem to pray for her family.

Elvira Grau revealed Teresa Giudice asked for prayers for her sick dad's healing, her four kids, and for guidance and direction. With everything that her family is going through, she is undoubtedly experiencing a difficult time, and all she needs is prayers.

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