'Nancy Drew' Episode 2 Continues With Nancy's Investigation On Tiffany Hudson; Will Network Order Full Season?

Nancy Drew
The CW's newest series material, "Nancy Drew," just premiered recently. Will the network give a full-season order? (Photo: Lori/Flickr)

In a few days more, Nancy Drew Episode 2 will finally arrive on The CW. After the premiere last week, fans are seemingly eager to learn what the show's about to offer. Although everyone has a decent idea already who Nancy Drew is, this new series from the network offers a modern touch in its dynamic.

According to reports, Nancy Drew is perceived as a "spiritual successor" of Riverdale. As any fan would recall, the series' Betty Cooper is a huge lover of the classic Nancy Drew. So, a lot of people are taking these materials as related to each other. 

Whatever the case though, TV Line's review of the premiere emphasized that these two shows may have similarities. But, viewers can still tell the difference, which is very important since they are offered on the same network. 

Nancy Drew started its course when she, along with her co-workers at The Claw, discovered the body of the socialite, Tiffany Hudson. The police tried to pin the "murder" on her. So, she ended up utilizing her old investigative skills from her high school years. 

In her investigation, she came across a reference to Lucy Sable, who was killed 19 years ago. The group was able to contact Lucy through a medium and learned that they need to find her dress first to understand the whole case.

Surprisingly, Nancy found the bloody dress as she tried to check the noise coming from the attic. In the end, she's convinced that everyone is a suspect.

According to CartermattNancy Drew Episode 2 will continue this progressive course of the show. Nancy will, however, focus on Tiffany Hudson, instead of Lucy's dress, since the body has been asked for a private autopsy. 

It has also been revealed that Nancy, along with her friends, will try to find ways to witness the autopsy and why it needs to be done privately. This may come as a coincidence, but, everyone will gather to participate in the annual "bucket ritual," which is scheduled on the last night of the Summer Festival.

It is worth noting that this is just the first two episodes of the show. Some fans are already claiming that it's filled with enough mystery and adventure that will cause its full-season order to happen.

It's a possibility. However, no word has been heard from The CW yet in terms of the show's full-season order. Even so, the second and third episodes are already scheduled on the network's Wednesday slot.

Nancy Drew Episode 2 titled, The Secret of the Old Morgue, will air on October 16, on The CW.

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