'SEAL Team' Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers: Will Jason Finally 'Adapt And Overcome' His Inner Demons?

SEAL Team Season 3
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SEAL Team Season 3 Episode 3 is airing soon. But, with the events that happened on the Ignore and Override episode, it creates questions among fans whether Jason and the rest of the crew will now be able to handle things smoothly.

The third season of one of CBS' elite forces started with a mission in Serbia. While things kicked off pretty neat and decent, the succeeding events have shown that not everyone is in their best state.

On Jason's part, his past is haunting him back. Although he tries to fight it all off, it seems that his body is not aligning well with his thoughts. Even so, the end of the latest episode seemed to hint that they are now ready to go back to their optimum states. 

Ignore and Override, as per MEA World Wide, is a very fitting title for the episode. It somehow showcased what the characters felt in the recent courses that they've taken. They seem to simply ignore and try to override the situations. However, it's taking a toll on their mental health

Many reports have praised this dynamic of the show. This is because mental health has become a very hot topic today. Regarding the matter from the perspective of the elite forces is a good dynamic and theme, per critics. 

The first two episodes of SEAL Team Season 3 may have focused on the "breaking" part. But, according to Cartermatt, it looks like the upcoming episode will show the healing aspect of the main concern.

The upcoming episode titled, Adapt and Overcome, is likely to show everyone's processes of overcoming their inner demons. It's not clear though if they will succeed, especially Jason. Even so, the crew will still try to resolve a new case, which has been revealed to be located in Azerbaijan. 

As depicted in the official synopsis, they will try to "reclaim" a power plant in the area. It's not revealed how they will do it, but the purpose is simple: to avoid "political instability."

This only goes to show that the situation in the region has worsened already. This is probably the only way not to exacerbate the situation.

So far, these are the only details that have been shared about the upcoming episode. More hints and clues will likely be released in the next few days as SEAL Team Season 3 Episode 3 will drop on October 16, on CBS.

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